•Chapter 16•

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Brianne's POV:
*a few months later*
Today's the day 7 months later that Dustin asked me to be his. It's been the best possible months ever. I lost my virginity to him, we've been through a lot, and have had our ups and downs to him. But now lately I've been getting sick in the mornings, getting weird cravings, and I'm confused. I head for the bathroom to start getting ready for school but look over at the calendar and notice the date. My eyes go wide and I start to cry. Now it all adds up, I think I might be pregnant. I just turned 17 this can't be happening to me right now.

The first thing in my mind is to tell Dustin. But what if he doesn't believe me and leaves me? I lay down curled up in my bathroom floor until I have to get up and face the facts. I walk down the stairs slowly with tears pouring down my face. My mom notices me and asks, "Honey, what's wrong?" Tears pour out of my eyes faster and I just shake my head saying, "I'm so sorry mom!" over and over. I kneel down at the bottom of the stairs and sit down. I look up at mom and finally tell her, "Mom, I.....think I might be pregnant!" I watch her expression and it changes many times from disappointment to sadness and grief. "I'm so sorry Mom, I don't know what to do." I say as I start to get up. She looks straight at me with a look of sadness, "we'll get through this, baby girl! I promise you."

I look at my mom and smile saying, "thank you mom. And I'm so sorry again." She looks at me saying," it'll be fine sweetheart, I know it will, we'll get through this." I wrap my arms around her neck and ask her, "when should I tell Dustin, he has to know?" She looks at me and tells me, "whenever you're ready sweetheart. Get ready and we'll head over to the drug store and you can stay out of school today." I nod my head and turn around rushing up my stairs, grabbing my phone off the night stand when I enter my room sitting down on my bed. I pull up my contacts and type in a message to Dustin, "I won't be at school today, I'll talk to you later." I get a text back immediately saying, "Why babe?" but I never reply back.

I stand up and walk over to my closet pulling out my favorite pair of leggings and long sleeve sweatshirt. I walk to the bathroom after I get dressed and lazily put my hair up into a bun. I walk out and slide into my ugg boots grabbing my phone and wallet off the nightstand and walking down the stairs meeting my mom. We slide into my moms brand new Nissan Altima and head out to find some pregnancy tests. I turn on the radio and turn it up pulling out my phone. I have like 4 unread texts from Dustin and I read through each of them, "Babe?", "You're worrying me please reply back!", "BABY, WHATS WRONG?", and lastly "Alright I'm heading to your house now!" I immediately reply back, "No babe! I'm just sick."

We finally pull up to the local drug store and walk in straight to the pregnancy tests. Mom picks out 3 different ones that show that they would have the best results and walk up to the cash register. The lady at the counter looks at us weird but rings them up anyways and it totals out to be $7.63. Mom pays for it and grabs the bag and walks out the store with me trailing behind her. "Some people like that just get on my nerves." Mom rants as soon as she gets in the car. We grab something to eat before heading back to the house. When we pull up I grab the bag and rush up the stairs after mom opens the door immediately going to the bathroom to find out the results. After I do my business I lay each one out on the countertop along side each other and walk out waiting in the results to come. I wait about 5 minutes and go back to the bathroom and check each one and they all read the same, positive. I'm pregnant.

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