Chapter 3

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Newt's pov

I looked around for Thomas and I saw him talking to Stephanie. I have to say, I'm shocked we got a girl. I mean, it's been just boys for 3 years. Did they run out of guys or something? Or are they playing with our heads?

They probably are. I mean, why else would they send up a completely beautiful girl who looks like she doesn't do physical labor.

Don't get me wrong, she seems nice, but she doesn't seem like she can make it out here. She has long blonde, almost white hair, slightly tanned skin, and dark grey eyes. Besides that she's in gray pants, a faded green long sleeve shirt, and work boots.

She looks like she can work, but hasn't. I swear if this is s test where she dies I'm going to kill the shuck face that sent her up here.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Thomas touching my arm. I turned to look at him and he motioned to Stephanie a few meters away asking,

"Where are we gonna put her? Odds are she won't be able to do most of the jobs."

My shoulders rose and fell as I sighed, "God I don't know. I hope Alby does. I can't help but feel like this is a test and that something bad is going to happen."

We both looked at Winceton who was talking to Stephanie. He handed her a machete and she started messing with it. I have to say, she was impressive with it.

Tommy and I looked at each other and I smiled, "Or maybe they sent her up here to show us how to do things right."

He smiled and laughed, "If she's as good at everything else as she is with that machete you might just be right."

I just rolled my eyes smiling, "Tommy, I'm always right."

Meanwhile a few seconds later Stephanie came over asking, "So, what happens now that it's dark?"

Tommy looked at me and I shrugged, "Well I'll show you around tomorrow, since this shank will be running around like a maniac."

She raised an eyebrow and Thomas punched my arm stating, "We run around sanely! Not like maniacs!"

Stephanie looked confused and I explained, "We're stuck here because of those walls and the maze that surrounds them. Every morning we send out runners, they run the maze and try to find a way out. They come back before the doors close, and if they don't make it, there's a good chance they won't survive the night. Only 3 people in history have survived a night in the maze, and it's because of this shank right here."

I paused and put my arm around Tommy's shoulders. He rolled his eyes and I continued,

"They map the maze and they compare sectors and all that klunk. Thomas here, is a runner. For some reason, he's the newest runner and he runs the bloody furthest each day."

Stephanie looked petrified and I smiled, "Don't worry Stephie, you're safe here with us."

Thomas laughed at my nickname for Stephanie who rolled her eyes. I smiled and Gally walked over. Thomas tensed and Gally who had his arms crossed dropped them to his sides. He started saying something, but he was cut off by a Griever screaming. Thomas's head swung towards the Maze as did Gally's. I stepped forward towards Stephie and my heart stopped for a second. She was holding Gally's hand. 

He was yelling something, and Thomas was calling him stupid. That lead to them fighting. Another Griever screamed, and this time it seemed to be right on the other side of the doors. 

Stephanie turned a deathly white and I stepped forward and took her free hand in mine. Thankfully, she let go of Gally's and I pulled her a few feet before stating, 

"Lets get your bed set up, and then some food while those bloody shanks argue. Sound good Stephie?"

She nodded before asking, "Why do you call me Stephie?"

I shrugged before smiling, "Because you're cute and you need it's a cute nickname. Stephanie is beautiful and sophisticated and nothing here is sophisticated even though you are beautiful. So Stephie is just sort of an every day name. Besides, almost everyone bloody else is going to call you Stephanie. I like being different."

Stephie smiled slightly and we walked to the sleeping area in silence, with our entwined hands swinging back and forth in between us as we walked.  


I was carrying some of the things that Stephie would need for setting up her bed and she asked shyly, 

"So how long have you guys been here?" 

I looked down replying, "Some of us have been here 3 years. Others it ranges from 3 years to a month." 

She nodded and I asked, "So where do you want to sleep?" 

Stephanie looked in thought before stating, "The further from the Maze the better." 

I laughed slightly smiling, "I can't disagree with that."  

So we started setting up her bed. We were talking, and generally having a good time when I realized that her bed was pretty close to mine. Can't say I'm not happy about it. 

By the time we finished and made our way over to the bonfire Tommy was pouting and Minho wasn't helping the fact by Minho was being a bloody shuck face. 

As soon as we got close enough I nudged his arm stating, "Shut up yeah?" 

Minho gave me a look and I smiled lazily. Stephie sat next to Thomas and he looked troubled. Meanwhile Gally was with his builders and they were talking about something. Stephanie's head was turning every which way, her eyes never seemed to stop moving. 

It looked like she was analyzing everything, memorizing it, making connections, finding patterns. Even though, I know that was the most probable answer, but then again she seemed on edge. Maybe she was making sure that nothing was going to happen. 

Either way, there was something about the way she was looking around. Almost as if she knew something that none of us knew. That was unsettling in a way, but it was also comforting. For some reason, it felt like she was the missing piece to the puzzle that Thomas was trying to solve. 

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