Chapter Twelve

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"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

- Frederick Douglass

Oliver's words penetrate my soul.

His voice hush the demons inside of me.

All I need is for him to keep singing.

The ground beneath me is moist from the early morning midst.

It is as if my body is melting into the ground.

My eyes stop focusing and everything melts together in a unison of a million colors.

Words about struggle are mere vibrations echoing from Oliver to me.

Struggle that is yet to be overcome.

The bright side is waiting.

Something along those lines...

Sawyer's shirt was pink and black, checkered.

A sigh escapes my lips.

I have to remember.

Oliver places his elongated hand over the strings.

"Do you not like that song?"

"No, it's great, really." I answer.

If i listened to the lyrics and connected them to a certain meaning, I would have hated it.

Hated the musician who gives false hope of some extrodinary ending of stuggle.

There is no end to it.

Life is a never ending hell bound struggle that you can't escape.

You can have those false moments of happiness that makes it seem like you have survived the worse, when in reality it is just getting started.

Oliver places his Luna to the side and slides closer to me, "Who are you, Taylor?"

"You really don't want to know me, Oliver." I stare him down, eyes coming back to normal.

He looks rather intrigued.

"Give me three good reasons why I don't want to know you then."

"Reason number one, if I let people in they turn around and leave. Reason two, I don't want someone to stick around because they think they have to. Thrree, I want to die." I place my cupped hand over my mouth.

"Well, Taylor, I'm not people, I'm Oliver. I don't have pity for others because that is what the world expects and lastly, you do not want to die, that thought is a figment of your imagination that you need to erase." Oliver places his palm on my arm.

I want to die.

Sawyer was wearing a pink and black checkered shirt.

I want to die.

I want to die.

I want to.

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