Chapter 15

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"Where did you get this" I exclaim. "A woman in a floral dress brought it , she said it was for Tanna Gordon and not to read. why what does it say " A waitress name Jessie tells me. I don't tell her though I just storm out and run to find this woman. I find her walking down the road close to Tony's. I hold up the note to her and scream "Who gave you this!" "This boy , his name was Colton I think" she tells me , trembles then walks away. I get into my car and drive to Colton's house. When I get there I bang on his door. His mom answers the door. "Oh Tanna , oh how beautiful you've gotten" she says "Thank you Mrs.Waters , is Colton here" I ask. "I'll go get him, is everything okay " she asks "oh yes, can you just go get him please" I tell her "oh yes , I'll be right back" she says. I stand there for a while then comes Colton. As soon as he gets outside and closes the door I slap the taste out of his mouth. "Tanna, what is wrong with you " he exclaims. "I understand being Jealous of me and Aaron but you dont have to go making death threats. You disgust me Colton and I hate you " I scream and run off to my car. I drive all the way home and just skip work all together. I hear my phone ringing. The caller I.D reads Colton. I send it right to voicemail. Another call is coming through the caller I.D reads Unknowncaller. I answer this one. "Hello" I say. All I hear is a song on the other line. The song is numbers. "3493" "3493" "10 days" "10 days" Those words keep playing over and over again. "Who the freak is this " I scream into the phone. The music stops. All I can hear is a slight humming. Then that stops and someone screams "RANDY" then I hear a click and the phone call ends.I'm shaking and I don't know what to do. Randy was the name of my mom's Killer's son. I was scored scared. I rush home and go to Aaron and Jamie's. "What's wrong Tanna" Jamie asks me. "Can we talk in your room" I ask. "Of course" Jamie says and we go upstairs to her room. Aaron walks in. "Jamie do you know what time Tanna's shift ends cause———"he starts. "Hey Tanna, what's wrong" he says. "I'm ready to tell you guys what happend. the whole story"I tell them. Aaron comes in and closes the door.

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