chapter 2.

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Twenty minutes later and the two teenagers were walking hand in hand through Camden. This was one of Penny's favorite places, and she was so happy to be here with him in this very moment. The two had rushed past the hoards of girls in Kings Cross, running through the underground station in an attempt to lose them. Eventually, they had ended up here.

They wondered into the collection of food stalls, settling down at one of the benches after buying lunch.

"So, what do you think?" Michael asked, as Penny finished her bite of the chinese food they had bought from one of the market stalls. She smiled and nodded as she swallowed her food.

"Great. I'm so glad we could meet up again, it's really cool to see you." He squeezed her hand gently, looking into her eyes. Penny blushed and looked down. She had never felt so comfortable around somebody she barley knew before, let alone somebody she had a crush on.

"I know, I was nervous at first, but this is great. I don't know if I'm being stupid, but I didn't want to ask earlier, who were all those girls? How do they all know you?"

Michael brushed his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Fangirls."

"Fangirls? Are you twitter famous or something?"

He laughed. "Not quite, I'm just in a band with my friends back home, we're touring over here right now."

Penny looked up, "Are you being serious? Touring? What's your band called?"

"Ah, not now, come on." Still with his fingers entwined with hers, Michael got to his feet as Penny followed. He lead them out of the maze of food stalls and back into the street. For a Saturday, Camden Town was relatively quiet, with less people wondering around than Penny was used to. They walked across the street and onto the bridge above the canal.

"It's so pretty isn't it? I used to come here alot with my family. I think it's my favourite place, right here in the middle of the bridge, the highest point."

Looking out into the river, Penny took a moment to apriciate this moment, she was here was Michael, a guy she'd met a few nights ago but felt like she'd known her enitre life. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. When she opened her eyes, Michael had his phone infront of him, aiming the camera at Penny.

"Got a good one, look-" As Michael leant over to show Penny the photo of herself, he moved closer to him, his jaw resting on her head. Suprisingly, Penny liked the photo of herself.

"Send it to me, let's take one together?"

"Ah, I'm not feeling it today, want to go around the markets?" He smiled at her and she beamed up at him, hiding what she really felt. Was he embarassed to be around her? They walked over the rest of the bridge and down into the market square. The stalls were beautifully decorated as the walked into the large building that housed most of the main stalls. Penny ran her fingers along pretty necklaces as Michael watched her, he'd never been so interested in a girl before. Penny picked up a delicate silver necklace with a emerald green stone attatched to it, her eyes lit up.

"Here," Michael said, reaching for his wallet. He handed over the money to the stall owner before Penny could insist otherwise.

"-Oh! Thank you, you really shouldn't have bought it!"

He took the necklace out of Penny's hands and stood behind her as she moved her hair out of the way. He ran the cold metal around her neck and fastened it, moving back infront of her to see what she looked like.

"Beautiful." Michael said as he lent down and kissed her.

Penny blushed. The excitment rushed through her body like a small pulse of electricity. He placed his hands on her hips as she wound her hands around his neck. As they drew breath, the two smiled as they carried on through the market.

"Oh hey look! That's so cool!"

In the corner of the large hall was a photobooth. They slid into the tiny booth, Penny half perching on Michael's knee. He held her close, not ever wanting to let go.

"Something to remember today by." Michael handed her the cheesy photographs they had taken together.

"God, these are hillarious." She laughed. "But I can't keep all four, here, you take these two." She ripped the photos up so that they both had two photos each. "Now we can both remember today."

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