Chapter 9~ Babies and Sleepovers

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I sat in the hospital bed I had sent everyone out of the room when I got the news that I was pregnant it had just been me and April in here then but a few other divas had tryed to come in and I had sent everyone out.No one would tell me if Dean or Roman were okay but I was being discharged because everything had checked out okay my body was just pretty bruised up.There was a knock on the door and then Roman peaked his head in I got up as he opened it coming in then shutting it he looked at me sadly you could tell he was in pain but I knew he was too worried to even care.He opened his arms and I ran into his chest holding onto him for dear life as I cryed he held me there.

*Roman P.O.V.*

Te held onto to me crying I just held her there as she shakes."Jo Jo"She wispers She hasn't called me that since we were kids"Yeah sis?"I say"I'm pregnant and....and its twins Seth's twins"She says I was instantly even more angered with him but I wouldn't show her she hadd been through enough today.

It was my second week back I was on bed rest.So I sat in the hotel room watching reality tv.My phone then buzzed three times on the night stand I groaned reaching over and grabbing it.Four texts.

Hey doll hope your awake I'll be there in 20 ~ Deany my bunny

Dude Phil just started like a total guys night I have ice cream.Sleepover. ~ Da Bae Apy

Hey I know your still probably pissed but I'm really sorry they were gonna fire me ~ Sethy Wethy

Hey I just heard what happened I'm so sorry Te I hope your okay.I miss you.We need to hang out soon. ~ Nick the hottest guy of all

I rolled my eyes Nick of course changed his name in my phone again we hadn't talked in forever.I quickly texted them all back with an amazing idea.

Sleepover my room (Grand Hotel Room 425 4th floor) 1 hour bring food Love, Brooky. ~ Brooke

I sent it too all of them since Roman was off with his fiance I litterly was board enough and I had enough energy to work through things with Dean and Seth.I knew AJ and Nick (Dolph) would help me out.Plus I was hungry and tiered of room service.

I got up and turned on Pandora I rocked out too the amazing sounds of ed sheeran,birdy, etc. Lol kj it was just very loud soft music.I tryed to pick out an outfit finally deciding on a pair of black leggings and a grey baggy hoodie that I think Roman left here idk it just smelt good and kind of reminded me of Dean it his my enlarging stomach thankfully I slipped on my aqua blue Nike's.I went into the bathroom and did all the cleansing stuff and then put on some simple makeup foundation,black eyeliner,red lipstick I put my hair up in a messy bun right when there was a knock on my door.I walked over and opened it Nick,Seth, and April stood there Nick and Ap glarred at Seth.I sighed "Seth had to do it I forgive him be nice"I say.I then smile as I see all the amazing food they were holding Nick had candy including smarties and pixisticks my favorite April had four tubs of ice cream vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, and one strawberry frozen yougurt, Seth had bags of chips Frito's,sour cream and onion lays,and both kinds of doritos.April laughed and walked in they sat the food in the kitchenette and we walked into the living room right when we got there the door bell rang "I got it"Nick and April say at the same time they take off for the door pushing and shoving."I win!"April shouts I laughed"Where's Teauila?"Deans voice calls saying my name perfectly I smiled most people couldn't do that."Te your lovers here!"Nick shouts I hear both of them laugh.I roll my eyes Seth looks uncomfortable"Its gonna be okay"I say trying to comfort him.April and Nick walk in followed by Dean who freezes seeing Seth"Dean before you say anything let Seth talk"

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