Special Education

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It did not take long before I found myself in special education, It was around the middle of 1st grade. It was recess time, and all I wanted to do was swing on the swings. I don't remember who told me, but the rules of the swings were pretty simple to me I thought, all I had to do was count to 40 and then say it's my turn. Well I did do just that, and the girl who was on the swing would not get off, she insisted that I did not count to 40, so I counted again. The girl who was in the same grade as me just snarled, and said that she would not get off. I told her, if she did not get off the swing that I was going to step in front of her and knock her off. She did not believe me, I had so much anger for her lack of respect, and no compliance with the rules I just did not see any other way to resolve this problem. As I step out in front of her, both of her feet kicked me in my face, she fell off backwards, I was knocked out on the ground and blood was pouring from my mouth. Some older school girls ran and got help. I told them what had happened, and they could not believe that I would do something like that, and asked why I did not come and tell. That was a good question, because I did not know why, perhaps I was not taught to go ask for help if I needed it. I took care of the problem myself. I was sent home on suspension, and when I return back to school the next week, I was placed in a special education class, it was much different than my other classes, the kids had all special needs, some had speech inparment, one was deaf in both ears, We all stated to become friends, for the first time I felt like part of a class, one that I could relate with. That is where I meet my first school mate, her name was Derdea, and she was different, I never really knew what her disability was, we never ask each other that question in class, to us, we were all equal to each other.

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