I was scared more then anything right now. He had just told me I couldn't be with anyone else, that I could never leave him. He isn't giving me a choice. "Enzo please. I'm new to this. I don't understand any of this vampire and soul mate history. Give me time." He looks at me intently.

"I've given you enough time." I shoved him and walked away, I quickly walked through the front doors of the club just to be grabbed by my arm and pulled into him. "Let me go!" I yelled. But no one was outside. "Never." I tried to calm him down. "Enzo look if we are vampires then we are immortal. We have all the time in the world." He groaned. "I get that Tallie but I've waited for you for 300 years." I put my hand on his face.

"I get that. But don't you think I need time to adjust?" His face softened from the stone cold look he had. "Yes and I'm sorry. It's difficult for me. My vampire nature wants me to take you here." My eyes widened. Then his lips met mine. It was like a rush of cocaine injected into my veins. My hands went to his hair, pulling his face closer to me. His hands went around my waist. I felt my back hit the wall in the alley. "Jump." He ordered. So I did, wrapping my legs around him.

I felt him grinding into me. I would lie if I said it wasn't hot but my mind set back into reality so I pushed him off slowly. "We need to slow down. I mean don't get me wrong, I've done this before but I don't know you that well Enzo." I said then covered my mouth with my hands regretting what I had just said. Mostly because of the fact that his face had just went into full vampire mode.

"You did what?!" He yelled angrily. Fuck.


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