Chapter 11

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It has been a day since anyone came to visit me besides the doctor, Gustav hasn't even visited me. My stutter is getting worse, it used to just be going downhill, but now it seems like it is going downhill at a 90 degree angle. I just dont know what to do with myself anymore. I eat, sleep, take my pills, and got to bathroom. I just repeat that everyday. Although I did go and visit Keira yesterday, she was sleeping and I found no need to wake her up. I will go and visit her today though. I called for Arco," C-can I walk a-around?"

"Sure." I slipped my knee brace with ease," Hey, do you wanna go without that?"

"S-sure." I slipped it right back off. I really didn't care anymore. I just wanted to talk with Keira. I walked out of the room with ease. I didn't understand why I needed to watse my time here anymore. I was doing fine, there was nothing they could do to help my stutter, my knee was great, my arms were as good as they were going to get, my neck was better, and my ribs were fully healed.

I arrived at Keira's room quickly, I was beginning to know tbe hospital a lot better than I wanted to. When I walked in, Gustav was by her bedside with tears running down his cheeks, another man was beside him rubbing his back. I looked at Keira, she was stone still. "No!" I screamed and collapsed on the floor.

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