"   I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.  "

                                                          -E.B. White

There's a loud knocking on my door followed by Scott bursting into my room and screaming for me to get up. I grab my pillow and throw it at him with such force that he takes a few staggers back. But I smile all the same, due to the fact that he's getting me up to go on an 'adventure' with Stiles and Kira. He throws the pillow back at me, matching my force, and rolls his eyes as he walks away.

"I expect you downstairs in less than half an hour." he yells.

"Okay mother!" I yell back, sarcasticly. I push myself out of bed and go to close the door so I can get dressed. half the furniture and even  some of the carpet is still covered in plastic but most of the paint had dried. I walk over to my suitcase, and that spurs the memory of the moving truck guys telling me that they'd have my stuff in Beacon Hills by Sunday. That was today. A smile paints itself across my face and refuses to go away. All my posters, Joan, my base. Everything would finally be here and maybe this room would start feeling like home.

Because although Scott and his friends help distract me during the day, I remember the sight of a wolfsbane bullet piercing my mom's skull at night. And everything falls apart.

I pick out a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black t shirt with the Batman symbol and lace up my coverse, applying just a bit of mascara like yesterday. I shove my glasses onto my face and grab my hoodie swinging on the door handle as I leave my room in record time. I hop down the stairs, pulling my hoodie on. Scott and Kira are sitting on the couch together when I get into the living room.

"Where's Stiles?" I ask.

"On his way. " Kira replies, turning her head from Scott to me.

"I call shot gun." I announce. Scott rolls his eyes. I sit down on the stairs, with my chin on my hands until I hear a honking. I dash outside to see Stiles with his ridiculously huge smlie and fades blue Jeep that must be four hundred years old. Now I'm praying that it doesn't break down in the middle of the road. Oh god.

I open the passanger side door and slide into the seat, returning Stiles's huge smile.

"Hey." I say softly. 

"Hey!" Stiles begins, excitedly. "Where are Scott and Kira?"

"I don't know. Probably making out." We both laugh a bit, and watch Scott and Kira run out to the jeep, and jump in the back seat. I notice Kira's hair is a bit...messy. We begin to drive around in awkward silence, despite Kira and Scott's annoying couple giggling.

"Can I put on some music?" I ask Stiles.

"Sure." Stiles says, handing me the AUX cord. I plug my phone in, putting the playlist with all the music I actually like on shuffle. The song I Wanna Be Your's by the Arctic Monkeys. 

I then do what I think is mumbling along to the lyrics. I know them backwords and forewords.

"I wanna be your vacuum cleaner. Breathing in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina. I will never rust. If you like your coffee hot. Let me be your coffee pot. You call the shots babe. I just wanna be your's. Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide than I thought. Baby, I just wanna be your's, I wanna be your's, I wanna be your's."

Only the thing is, is that I think I'm mumbling. But to everybody else in the car, I'm singing loud and clear. I do that sometimes, just start singing with out even realizing the words are coming clearly out of my mouth. But I don't realize what they hear. We stop at a red light and I glance over at Stiles, instantly making my facce bright red. He's looking right at me, smile slid half way up his face. I quickly stop, looking down at my hands and fiddling with the ends ofthe sleeves on my black hoodie.

"You're really good at singing." Stiles says.

"Er, thanks." I manage, still slightly dying inside. Arctic Monkeys fades and Bastille begins to play. I tap my finger on my thigh until we finally arrive where we're going which seems to be some kind of fair. Only...more modern, I guess? You know how most fair technology looks like it's outdated by fifty years? Well this stuff looks fairly new, no pun intended.

Scott leads us over to the faris wheel, and every step I take closer, my heart drops further into my stomach. I'm absolutly terrified of three things: parasites, hunters and hights. And this thing was at least fifty feet high.

We're at the front of the line and the man opperating, actually he's probably younger than me, the ferris wheel tells us that there's only two per carriage. Stiles encourages Scott and Kira to go together, and after a bit of bickering and rearrurance from myself, Scott finally agrees. I can already tell he's going to me that over protective older brother figure for me. Scott and Kira hurry into the carriage and then the guy shoves Stiles and me into the next one.

The carriage is almost completely clear, accepting some white metal seams. Two black leather seats are placed on either side of the carriage. I sit down on the right one, Stiles sitting across for me. We manage a steady, but awkward conversatoin between heavy breath.

"Are you...okay?" Stiles say.

"Yeah I'm just terrified of heights." I say, widening my eyes and averting them from Stiles.

"Oh. Well it probably wasn't the best idea to take you on a fifty foot high ferris wheel then." Stiles replies.

"Yeah, ya think?" I say, a twinge of sarcasm gracing my tone. Just then, the ferris wheel begins to groan and then stops all together. My breath gets heavier. We're stuck at the top. Stiles gets up and peers over the edge.

"Oh shhhh- I think we might be here for a while." Stiles says, turning to me.

"What?!" my eyes are practically popping out of my head. I grip the sides of the leather seats, trying to keep the wolf inside of me in check. "Hey, c'mere." Stiles says, grabbing my arm. He faces me towards the window and I'm about to turn and punch him in the jaw until he points to the distance. The view from up here is amazing. I would love to paint something this beautiful.

I breath out, a smile creeping onto my face. "Woah." I say. I look up at Stiles, a smile coming half way up his face, a slight crease appearing right below his cheek. He looks down at me, nodding.

But then he does something extremely stupid. He falls back onto his seat, rocking the entire carrigage. My eyes go wide, then undoubtedly turn bright red, as I crash onto Stiles. I grip his biceps, trying to keep my nails from growing.

"Maya, Maya, you're okay." Stiles says.

"HOLYSHITWE'RESOHIGHUP." I say, as if it were one word. I look up into Stiles's eyes, realizing that I'm still on top of him. And that he just made me calm. I slowly push myself off of him, awkwardly tucking a stray bang behind my ear. I sit back down on my seat, staring at my black converse. The ferris wheel starts back up. I breathe a sigh of relife, and look up at Stiles. He's got a huge smile across his face, and he's leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. He's giggling a bit, and as if my face wasn't already red enough. It somehow grows even redder.

As soon as the carriage stops at the bottom, I jump out, quickly walking up to Kira.

"Kira! I have to use the bathroom, come with me?" I ask, not giving her a choice and pulling her along with me. As I walk, I reflect on what I learned from that ferris wheel ride: I've got a new anchor.

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