Shelly's P.O.V

Finally, I'm done reading this shit and all it talked about was

"if your boyfriends cheating on you, let him go"

"They're are many fishes in the sea, at least you swam to me, although the shark took you away from me"

" If you think he's cheating, why not stalk"

" If he's cheating, Let them be"

" He's cheating, your suffering, she's happy, leave them alone, ignore them, he's blind, he'll find out sooner or later"

" Break up, He made a mistake, everybody does, the second Chance comes when the time is right"

"You should be the happy one, not the one that's suffering"

"No boyfriend, No problems"

" Revenge won't solve it, if you guys are meant to be then you guys are meant to be"

(I made them up hopefully they make sense)

And some other stuff...But why break up with him, I love him, he's for me. Revenge might not work but its always worth a try.

Faiths P.O.V

So what christian told me hurt. I like Justin so why is he still trying to get in my life I mean friends yes but not more than that.

I started unpacking at Damian's apartment and guess who was there. Yes there she was! The girl that ruined my life!

Fabiola fucking Jimenez.

I hate her and now I have to put up with her just because I didn't want to put up with Justin or Christian. I think I should've stayed with Ryan. After unpacking everything I fell asleep.

Next morning:

I woke up with a huge headache so I drank and Advil. I took a shower and I got dressed. I wore a shirt that says 'free hugs' and black leggings with Black vans.

I straightened my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I grabbed my phone and there was nothing new except a message from Christian.

What does he want??

To: Faith
From: Christian

Hey faith, look I'm sorry for what I said I don't know why I said it I just...I was just sad I don't know something like that but still I'm so so so sorry faith please forgive me!

To : Christian
From: Faith

Me forgive you?? Haha your funny, I would never forgive you unless you change back to the guy you were before

To: Faith
From: Christian

Please Faith, I'll change I promise!

To: Christian
From: Faith

Okay, then prove it! After I'll tell you if you've changed enough! Bye

I swear why does he want me to forgive him so bad? He made the mistake, he made risked it by not keeping it to himself. I mean I understand about Shelly's revenge or whatever but he doesn't need to listen to her.

If she commits the crime, she does the time.

I'm Done!

A/n: Here's the next chapter! Sorry I took long! I'll update again later tonight or tomorrow or both I'll be working on them after this update!

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