Shelly's P.O.V

The thing I found online was interesting well I clicked it because the title sounded so rare.

Anyways...I couldn't find the quote that made me choose that website. So I had to read it all until I found it. It is Reallyyyy Long. So come back to me when I'm done reading this thing will you?? Although I hate reading!


Faiths P.O.V

Oh my lord! He apologized! Do you know how long I really wanted him to do that, but he didn't apologize for our argument which really sucks!

I feel so bad for him right now he doesn't want to die with his family and they are so nice. But shelly...shelly...she's a total Bitch, Drama queen, Slut, Hoe, Cunt, and more words you could think of.

I totally want the teacher to do a college presentation. I have so many things in mind that could make her popularity come down.

Well. Sadly, I can't, school was over last week and I didn't even manage to go because of all the stress from my dad.

If only my mom never died so that my life would be like it used to. And I miss my sister so much she was so young. I was 5 and she was 3 during the accident.

Yeah I said she past away...well that's what my grandma told me but I'm going to find out the truth.

Justin: FAITH

Faith: huh?? What??

Justin: We have 20 minutes calling you

Faith: Oh, What??

Justin: Damian said when are you going to move in

Faith: Is tomorrow alright??

Justin: But where are you going to stay tonight??

Faith: Under a bridge, I don't know

Justin: No you could stay with me

Faith: No can do Ma'am

Justin: Why not Sir

Faith: Last time was horrible

Christian: Come on Faith, you need sleep

Why is he talking to me?? We fought and he didn't even apologize that fucker thinks I'll forgive him easily. Well he's wrong.

Damian: Faith, go with Justin

Justin: Yeah princess, come with your prince

Faith: No I'll go make a hobo my friend

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