Chapter Four

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"What do you mean I'm on a break?!" (Name) said as she gripped the blanket and glared a bit at Lucy; the whole gang was there but Lucy was the one who told her, "I can't go on break when—"

(Name) began to cough hard as if she was sick, feeling a hand on her shoulder that belonged to Erza. This made the female frown unhappily at the fact she is forced to stay home in bed; after the whole, what everyone decided to call a Relapse, (Name) has been forced to stay home or have company follow her. The company part was proposed by both Natsu and Gray, though she suspects Gajeel had a part to play in there as well as Levy and the whole Fairy Tail guild.

"Its for the best Gemstone." Gray said, using her new found, and rightfully dubbed, nickname as she huffed. (Name) eventually stopped coughing and feeling like her lungs would burst out from her chest, pouting like a little kid; Erza ruffled up her hair before leaving with Natsu and Gray, both of whom wanted to protest on leaving her alone.

Lucy pulled up a chair to sit next to her, concern in her voice when she spoke, "(Name), you looked really pale back then... did you remember something or had a flashback?"

"Before Natsu arrived, there was a man there talking to me... I dont remember the details but it was terrifying." (Name) explained with a small sigh, opting to look at the strang tattoo on her wrist; it looked like it was alive and growing up her arm, it made her feel so uneasy about it, "Otherwise, no, not really..."

"Well, take it easy for the rest of today..." Lucy said as she stood up and cracked open the window to let in some fresh air, "And get some rest, you look very tired."

Lucy left the room and let (Name) rest in the bed, oblivious to her huffing again. She laid in bed and stared up at her ceiling, eyes feeling heavy like she really needed sleep. She gave in, "I.. guess a little sleep wont hurt..."

(Dream Land- [Name]'s POV)

I was floating in this darkness, my body feeling stiff and heavy; how long was I floating in this black world? I felt so lifeless, is this what its like to dead? I just kept falling and falling, the air slowly warming up the farther I fell. My body balanced out as my feet touched solid earth, the occasional rumble and pulsate brought back some feeling to my body.

"You're so beautiful, (Name)..." A voice whispered right into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine, "Its a shame you'll have to die..."

There was this sharp pain that shot throughout my body through my chest, catching me off guard as the room heated up even more. This heat was becoming unbearable and I couldnt breathe, I couldnt even look down without feeling so much motion sickness and dizzyness. She was shoved forward suddenly, piercing pain wracked her body as whatever it was that pierced her body was ripped out of her body...

(Name) woke up with a loud cry as a piercing pain wracked her whole body, making her sputter and gasp from the pain. She took a few deep breathers and laid back down, finding the whole room to be umbearingly hot. She touched her chest before her wrist burned hard, "Aah! Ow..."

(Name) looked down at her wrist to see it glowing a red color, it looked almost blood-red in color but it burned like crazy. She whimpered and forced herself to stand, energy drained just a bit but her wrist burned even more. It got hotter and hotter the closer she got to her bedroom door, it felt like the heat which rises off of lava itself by the time she touched the handle. She opened it up, "Natsu? What are you doing—"

"I... Well, um... Y-you see..." Natsu began to stutter as he was surprised to see (Name) up, mostly thought she is up and walking, "I f-figured you would want some company, since your not feeling well..."

"Natsu thanks for stopping by--"

There was a pressure on the back of (Name)'s neck, her eyes began to roll up head as her body fell slumped over. Natsu caught her with a smaill smile on his face, eyes flashing a rich topaz color as he just lookeed down at her, "You're so beautiful, Asterixen..."

Natsu slung (Name) over his shoulder and proceeded to jump out the window, licking his lips slightly as he walked away from the apartment. Its true, Asterixen is so beautiful... She is fit to be mine Natsu thought has his hair lightened out and his eyes remained that topaz color, I'll make her mine first, slow and steady and painfully...

The man let out a soft chuckle, hand thats holding her waist slid down to her backside; he let his hand rest there a bit. She felt extremely warm, almost as if she was burning up from the inside out but all that wouldnt matter in the end; she will serve her purpose, that is a given fact. He stopped moving suddenly, almost as if he was frozen in place. (Name) was burning up immensely, the burning warmth can't compare to the bone chilling feeling he was getting, "Let the girl go, human..."

That voice definetly wasnt hers, thats a fact, yet it came from her body. His body started moving on his own, he set (Name) down and looked at her in the eyes; they were slitted and glowing an omnious silvery color, her canines enlarged and the faint markings of what looks like scales danced across her cheeks and jaw, "Did you think I wouldn't notice? Pathetic... posing as someone she holds dear is a fatal mistake in itself..."

He couldnt talk as she continued, "I will let this slide as a warning, human... Go tell your master this. This child shall not be harmed so long as I am apart of her."

(Name) gave the man a childish smile, though it was that smile which made him feel very uneasy, "I will be returning home now, she needs her rest... If you value your existance, don't ever do it again."

(Name) began to walk back to her apartment as she left the man there confused, he clenched his fist as he shook with fear; whoever that was that took over (Name) was not Asterixen, not his beloved creature who has been reincartnated into something that needs to not exist anymore. Whoever it was reminded him of his pitiful life, life as a mear human who dies so easily.

(Name) entered her apartment through the open window, conciousness returning before a wave of nausea wracked her body. She leaned herself up along the wall, mind buzzing with some pain; it was like a dream, an out of body experience that was so foreign. She doesnt remember a thing but the marking on her wrist was cooled down, "Ngh... my head, what just happened?"

She looked down at her shirt, it was sweaty and gross, "Awh, sick! Now I have to change..."

(Name) closed the window and took off her shirt, unaware of a certian peeping-tom that was keeping an eye on her; Loke kept his mouth shut silent because Lucy, his beloved celestial princess of his, asked him to keep an eye on (Name) from time to time. What Lucy didnt say, was the fact she was a major cutie! Loke reframed from looking any further and looked away from (Name), "Whoa there... as much as I want the show, I should go back... She's fine on her own~"

Loke disappeared away with a sly grin, "But if she ever needs the company, I'll show up~"

(Short chapter... yes... Why I have no plot yet? Shoot me in the foot... Loke got a show from you, indirectly... The Perverted Lion-- EHEM! Well, hopefully you liked this chapter! *mumbles* Maybe I'll finally finalize my broken plot... and somehow get others involved...)

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