"Don't you dare give me that bullshit!" Jaylonni shouted, trying to stand up but instead fell to the side against the chair's arm with a groan. Great. She had to go and injure herself further. The throbbing in her hip painfully agreed.

      Tony Senior shook his head disappointingly with a sigh. "Obviously, this is new information to you. How about we strike a deal and I'll tell you everything?" He offered with a open armed shrug.

      "And what do you want in return?"


      "Bullshit," she spat, earning a grin, "Even I know you don't do anything for free." He sighed and gave a resigning shrug. Well she wasn't wrong about that. Many of the best things in life aren't cheap, let alone free.

       "Fine. I'll think of something since I'm sure you have nothing worth trading left. After all," his eyes narrowed slightly, creating an amused expression in combination with the grin on his face, "I burned it all."

       "Don't think I won't kick your ass extra hard for that alone. I was actually starting to fill my wardrobe space in there."

       Tony's eyes brightened. He had an idea. "How about if I said that in addition to the information, I'll give you a new house. Just like the old one."

       Jaylonni tilted her head curiously, making sure to narrow her eyes at him suspiciously. "And?"

       "I'll even make sure you get your wardrobe and everything in the house that we can get."

       "And?" She pressed. All she was waiting for was the magic words.

       "I'll even legally sign your daughter back to you. No strings attached."

       She huffed. To promise all that, he'd have to be asking her for her soul in return then she'd be practically be fastening the chains around her neck herself. No matter how tempting it is. "You're really willing to give me all that. And what is it you want from me then?"

        "Simple," he said, stalking towards her slowly, drawing closer and closer until he was right in front of her, "You're a beautiful woman and I'm the head of a billion dollar empire that you want to take away from me," she got down on one knee in front of her and reached out, gently grabbing her chin between his fingers with a smile. He turned her head from side to side, studying her features. "I'm not as old as many think I am, you know. I inherited this company from my father and I'd hoped to give all this to my sons one day."

       "But they're not around for you to do that," she said, staring him dead in the eye.  He frowned, squeezing her jaw in his grip roughly, causing her to cry out.

       "That was your fault for corrupting them with your ideals. Listen, Jaylonni Jackson, if you've seen everything I have in life, you'd know that there's no true evil. Not even me. I did what I had to protect everything my father built and make sure that nothing would happen to my boys when I was gone. Sure I could burn your house down or shoot up your entire little so called family without batting an eye but I won't forgive anyone who steals my sons and turns them against me.

      Disobedience is something I do not tolerate in my house. Now shut up and listen."

      Jaylonni nodded slightly and he released her jaw. She let out a wince and backed away as far as she could.

      "Good. Remember, good children do what they told."

      If looks could kill, Jaylonni would've taken that man down on the spot. Even with the dull pain remaining on her face, she wanted now more than ever to kick his ass. Especially if he dared to leave a mark on her face with that move he just pulled.

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