Chapter Seven Potions

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"Damion! Wake up! We've got class!" Draco tossed a pillow at his sleaping brother on his way to the bathroom.

Damion mumbled something that sounded an awful lot like 'Go to hell' and rolled over.

Draco paused at the door to the bathroom, "If you don't get up now, Bini will be in here soon, and I don't think you want her to wake you up."

"Piss off."

"Ooook... Don't say I didn't warn you." Draco shrugged and continued into the bathroom closing the door.

About five minutes later the door to the boys dorm was flung open.

The other girls nodded enthusiasticly, and started giggling as Blaise approached his bed, wand raised. Draco came out of the bathroom in time to see her stop beside his brother's bed.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Blaise whispered as she lifted Damion off his bed. She floated him just over the floor and cut the spell. Damion fell to the floor with a flop.

"Zabini!" Damion cried as soon as caught sight of the laughing girl. The others just laughed harder. Hearing his brother laughing from the bathroom doorway he turned to glare at him.

"Oh, sod off, I did warn you to get up, didn't I? Now, get your sodding arse off the floor and go take a shower, we're gonna be late for breakfast." Draco snickered as he walked over to his nightstand and started combing his hair.

About twenty minutes later Damion and Draco were both dressed and heading up to breakfast with a drooling Crabbe and Goyle, and giggling Blaise, Pansy, and Millicent.

Damion glared at them as they entered the Great Hall. They all took seats near Etre. Justin took one look at Damion's angry face, Draco's amusement, and the girls laughing and knew precisely what had happened. He leaned across the table toward Damion.

"I take it Blasie gave you the 'typical' morning 'wake up call'?" He asked causing Draco and the girls to break down snickering again. Damione snorted. "What did they do this time?"

"Ouch. Well, that's better then the water balloons full of Draco's hair gel, they nailed Theodore with last week. He grinned. Damion stared at him then burst out laughing.

Everyone quickly finnished up their breakfasts and headed off for their first class of the day, Potions.

They were laughing and talking as they approached the staircase down toward the dungeons when someone called to them.

"Damion! Draco!" The Slytherins turned to find Hermione and Ginny hurrying to catch up with them.

"You okay, Damion?" Ginny asked as she slung an arm around his shoulders.

"I'm fine, Gin." Damion smiled gratefully at the girls as the rest of the Slytherins stared. Draco and Damion continued walking with Hermione and Ginny joining the group, much to the other Slytherin's confusion.

Draco glanced at Hermione and grinned, "Hey, Granger, think you could do a favor for us?"

Hermione frowned, "Depends on the favor."

"Dami and I need to speak with the Weasley Twins. Think you could pass on the word for us?" He smirked remembering the plan from the other night. That intrigued the other Slytherins.

"Why would you two need the Weasley Twins?" Blaise asked. Damion grinned.

"Damn strait." The Twins answered together. The group laughed and continued on their way toward the Potions classroom as Ginny said her good byes and rushed off to DADA.

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