About a couple of months ago my mother found out that I was in her stomach. The sad thing was that my father was even there to sign my birth certificate. He was in jail because he was selling drug and this continued till this very day. I am 13 years old and he barely was here. First it started out when I was 2 he was here for a little bit and he went back to jail and came back when I was 10 and after that he came back and left again so basicall there was no point of him coming back in the first place


What a great to ruin my life.

Then I found out 5 years after I was born I was having a little brother.


Why have another child.

Why couldn't it be just me by myself no little monsters running around.

And the worst part is that she went with his father and then they broke up and of course she gets a new boyfriend and I can't stand him she gave him all the attention and if me and him were fussing she would take his side 

And I felt like that wasn't right 

Then 5 years later I was having another brother he got pushed on me like I was his mother i watched him and i changed him and I feed him he got so attached that he would call me mommy and wouldn't go to my mother because she was like a stranger to him. 

She said that she did it to keep me from having children but I think its because they wasn't ready to take on a child yet.

So now it is me , my mother , her boyfriend and my two brothers. 

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