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You think you found your Best Friend? You found your true friends? No, they don't care about you. You try to be different from the girl in school because you know it doesn't turn out well for her. You try to lose the baby voice, exchange your bubbliness for a cooler set of emotions, be meaner and sarcastic because thats what people like apparently. Then, they say another girl is the life of the party, they wished she were here. You are just standing there, thinking all along that we were all the same, in each of our own ways. We played all equal parts in this friendship. How did some other girl become the main attraction? But deep down, you wanted to be that person at least somewhere. The person that people notice when you're gone, the person that makes that group a group. Maybe you never were meant to be that person ever. You may always be the follower, the one that gets left out because you aren't important enough. Maybe thats just you.

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