09 • Harsh Reminder

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I don't know what else there is to talk about. 

Oh! Right. I've been tripping a lot. My balance isn't reliable right now. It's been happening for months actually, but I was stupid enough to think that I was just that clumsy. Later on, when I finally realised that it was because of It, I kept it from everyone. Mom, Dr. Grey. . . including you. I didn't want to give you guys another reason to worry abo 

"Honey! Don't forget your appointment with Dr. Grey!"

I quickly flipped the paper backwards, a blank paper staring at me instead of a half-written letter. I turned around, and it was just as I expected. Mom was standing behind me — too close, actually. Close enough for her to had seen what I was writing. And if she knew what I was writing about. . . and who I was going to send it to. . .

I frowned as I finally processed her words. "Aren't you coming with me?"

"No, I can't. I really wish I could but I got another meeting later on." She wasn't facing me when she said this — which I found a little odd.

It wasn't the first time she'd been unusual. Actually, it's beginning to be more unusual than before. She was acting as if that small little incident back at the Grants' dinner table long time ago didn't happen. Still the same bright, cheery Mom, but that "little incident" seemed to unsettle her more than it should have.

"You can do it yourself, right? We've been there enough times to know where his office is. You'll be fine."

"Okay. . ."

"I'm off to the office now. I'll be home later than usual, okay? Love you."

"Love you, too."

Then she was off.


School was even more weirder.

I tried to make the best out of it, like I usually did, but it was just complicated because so. Many. Cramps. I got them once in a while, but as always, my life found more ways to ruin me.

What made it harder was that Devon was here. Since Devon was back, he already got most of his boys crawling behind him. They were like puppets being controlled by a puppetmaster.

He was sitting right behind me, and it was no surprise that he'd took the seat right after I sat in mine. He was aiming for a good view, and he got it. I had to hold it in. I was doing fine. I was completely comfortable. I doubt that he was waiting for my potential twitching outburst.

Well, at least a good thing came out of that: Devon seemed disappointed that I didn't do anything embarrassing. I began smiling, but that instantly dried up as another cramp came in.

It was a quiet day for me. That was mostly because I was trying to hide the fact that I was distracted by the cramps that ached all over my body. I kept stretching my arms and legs as if that would stop them, causing Oliver to make weird faces at me.

When the bus stopped in Mayfair, Oliver stood up and looked back when he realised I didn't follow him and Tom. He gave me a questioning look. "You coming?"

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