Chapter 5

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Both of us couldn't sleep that night,  the pain we felt kept us up all night.

It was now morning, Alya didn't need waking up, she was up before me, we were given food, she didn't like it, me either but I told her it's our only food.

She was taken out our cell again, I was always worried when she left my sight, but I knew she just had to do some jobs to get food, I made a promise to her that if she didn't get food, I would share some of mine with her. She got back to the cell with a smile on her face, she did her job and earnt food.

I hardly smiled, I only did to reassure Alya, I never had the right feeling to.

I was taken out today, I really didn't want to leave Alya on her own, I wanted to stay with her but also get food, food was most important here,  also drink, I didn't care about only having water,  at least I wasn't dehydrated. I did my task and came back to Alya, I was glad to see her.

A couple more days pasted and none of us got sent out, we were still getting feed but no tasks. I spoke too soon,  they stopped feeding us, they didn't send any of us out, we were both staving but we didn't get feed, I waited for one of us to be sent out, but no one came.

Alya wasn't fairing well, she was complaining about stomach pains, I really wanted to help her but I couldn't,  we both were just sitting there, staving.

We had a full day without food and the pain was unbearable,  we couldn't do anything about it but wait, Alya was praying but I knew that wouldn't work.

The second day and I couldn't control myself,  I was too hungry,  I was really hoping for food, I was starting to think it was the end.

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