Chapter Ten

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What did she say? I got my ass up as quickly as I could and ran downstairs. When I got into the kitchen, Austen was right there, slaving over the stovetop. I'm smelling, pancakes with bacon, sausages, eggs, and toast. What the heck? Was I dreaming last night or, was that real. My thoughts were broken up by Austen clearing his throat.

"Babe, are you OK? Seems like you had a bad dream." Asked Austen, concernly. "Yes. Yes I'm fine." I told him. He looked at me one last time, before turning back to the stove.

The twins were running around, having fun and enjoying their time, spent together. Everyday, they would play with each other, support each other or stand up for each other. They were also tough. You mess with my kids, they will beat you up before I do. Seriously, they will

Now all I need to do, is figure out what is up.........

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