"Are you okay?" I asked, still stunned by the warm touch.

He must have been seriously ill. How can he come to college like that.
"Excuse me" Chad said and left the room. I looked over his lunch box which was still open, he had finished only half of the portions. Maybe that's the reason why he slept during physics practicals.

The bell rang and everyone got up to leave.
"Lizzie you coming?" Khusbu asked packing her lunch box.
"You guys go, I will join in later" I said and sat there looking at nothing, waiting for him to show up. He finally came after 15 mins.
"Classes have already begun" he said as he closed his lunch box.
"Where were you? Why don't you finish your lunch?" I asked, more surprised at my own questions.
He smiled for sometime before answering me, "don't care about me Lizzie, I am fine. Just a change in weather made me sick"
"Then maybe you can put a sweater on you" I advised.
He didn't reply, but he bent down and tapped on my head, making my hair look even more messy. "Evan was right, there is something in you that makes you so innocent!" He smiled again and went out of the room.

Me? Innocent? Evan said? What was going on? That means they both talked about me...right?
Whatever that is, but his smile just erased everything on my mind! How can he captivate minds so easily? I went back to class, quietly so that the teacher wouldn't notice and sat on the back seat.

Trrrringg.... The bell rang and the day was practically over. Everyone stood up to leave. For me it was the time to face Evan after a long day. I packed my bag and went out of the building towards the parking lot. There I saw Evan's car, shining in the sun rays.
"Lizzie" Evan said out from behind. I turned around and greeted him.
"Where were you? You didn't come back home yesterday" he said a bit concerned.
"I was in my friends house" I said sitting on the passengers seat of the car.
Beatrix came and hugged Evan tightly before he sat down.
"See you soon sweetheart" Evan said playfully and drove past the car.
The ride was mostly in silence, which was unusual for us. I wanted to ask him what he told to Chad about me, but he might take it in a wrong way, so I didn't.
Upon reaching the garage, I didn't run up the stairs like a crazy person. I pressed the lift button and waited for him, and nicely went back to my house.

Robin opened the house door and jumped in happiness looking at me. It was the best thing for us sibling, no matter how much we fight, we always miss the other in absence. I hugged him before moving towards my mum. She was in the kitchen, preparing some food for us.
"How was your stay?" Mum asked as soon as I entered the kitchen.
"It was...amazing! You won't believe her cupboard was full of all branded stuff" I said as my mum stopped cooking and looked at me.
Yes, if I didn't mention before, my mum is just like my friend, I share all my thoughts with her, mostly!
"Her parents must be rich!" She said, grinding some corn and leafy vegetables.
"Ya and the house was just like a palace! And she never showed up anything in school! She is good by heart" I said biting the apple placed infront of me.
"That's good. Go and change your uniform."

Slowly dragging my tired body to my room, I lied flat on my bed. It was so comfortable yet so cold, I almost freezed. I went towards the balcony where I heard Evan singing "I can be your Hero" by Enrique. I stood there laughing for sometime until I realised he was infront of me.
"Were you eavesdropping?" He asked pointing an eye brow upwards.
"No! Your voice is loud enough to attract attentions" I pushed his muscular body but he didn't move a bit. For the first time I liked the way the balcony was designed. We could practically jump from one balcony to other and can stand facing eachother and talking. It was like having secret tunnels to your friends house.
The evening wind blew past making me shiver, I came back inside and put on a warm sweater.
Just like any other regular teenager, instead of opening books and studying, I started off with logging into my facebook account. Yes, facebook account. Not to forget I am a facebook addict. Like if anything happens, it goes onto facebook as my status, for example if m happy, I would let the world know I am happy and let them feel jealous! If I am sad, I will let the world know how many hardships I am going through, Inshort facebook is just a site to exaggerate small things, that doesn't usually matter.
But today is what mattered the most, I got a friend request from---CHAD!

Really? Naah! No such good luck! Infact I send him a friend request and he accepted it within 10 mins. Yay!! Atleast now we are friends, FB friends!
I was nervously opening the chat box of Chad to type something and closing it, could not make up my mind. Finally the green chat box popped up on it's own and Chad said "Hi".

My eyes couldn't believe it, and my fingers got all sweaty. What should I reply him? He was just another guy, I thought to myself. But no way, he wasn't just another guy. I didn't know what attracted me to him so much, I think it's the mysterious side of his and the cute side, his secrets and angry looks he gives to Rhea. I like all that. I even like it when he helped me in the morning.
I was just going to reply to him but suddenly from nowhere a power cut happened and my wifi stopped working.
Shit!! I thought to myself. Why? Why did the internet stopped when I needed it the most? What if Chad thinks I went offline on purpose? Omg, someone just kill me! I exxaggerated my feelings and faked a loud cry until I realised just how much lousy I was. The power came back in 10 mins and I quickly turned on my facebook to see him offline! Great, the guy with whom I longed to talk to, has started the chat and yet I couldn't reply him on time. I closed my laptop as my mum called me for snacks, now that's something I really really love- Food to Eat! Food is the only best thing that is when stuffed in my mouth, can heal all wounds.
But when will he ever talk to me again? That thought went on and on inside my head.

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