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I woke up to Mikey still next to me. I smiled and kissed my head.

''Why are still here? Shouldn't you be on the road again?" I ask rubbing my eyes

''I have to leave in ten but I wanted to say good bye. I love you, I'll be back in a few weeks and we can work on your music. And besides you so cute when you sleep''

I cuddled up next to him making these ten minutes count. His blue strands in my eyes. He kissed me soflty as I felt him get up. He kissed the girls lightly said I love you baby and left. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I heard Hayley yell food?! And rushed in. I yelled for Grace and she groaned coming in. We sat down and turned on MTV Playlist. We saw Heart break girl play

''I bet this one was about that girl Ash likes'' Hayley said taking bite of bacon.

''What? There songs aren't about any one. Are they?" Grace asked taking a piece from her

''Hey! Hands off! And yeah some. Like who else would English Love Affair or Mrs All American. They may not come right out and say it, but they've told us. Voodoo is about me too'' hayely said

''Yeah'' I said finally joining in

''Have they written one about me?" She blushed

''Probly, my bet would be End Up Here or something'' Hayley said getting up

Hey guys short but I had a bit of writers block sorry! Hope you liked it any way! Love you guys xoxo

-payton ¥_^

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