Chapter 15 Need a drink

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authors rant:I'm making chapter for my friend, she has a super thristy boyfriend and he's always trying to hug her and kiss her. So if u know what I mean then you would relate to this chapter.😝☺️ :-)


Kayla (this is Logan's lil sis)
This dude was starting to creep me out I like him before but now it's just weird. His name is Ryan and I'm not even his mate. Weird right? I am classifying him as super thirsty

"Hey Kayla wanna go to my room?" The creep asked.

"Hell to the no." I reply
I about to go to Logan's office he wanted to talk to me.

Before he could say anything I'm walking down the hallway. I don't have time for thirsty men go get a drink if you know what I mean.

I knock on the door and I get a 'come in' from Logan. I giggle a little cause he sounds old and grumpy.

"What are you giggling at?" He said his eyebrow raised.

"Duh you, you sound so old." I say trying to say it in a manly voice but failed badly.

"Your man voice is sooo bad."

"Well I'm working on it."

"Ok, so why I'm here logan?"

"I need you to plan a date for me and shakira. I want her to love and trust me fully." he replies scratching the back of his neck nervously like I would say no.

"Hell yeah I will." I say back he lets out a breath of relief.

"Why would I say no, I want to be an auntie soon." I say

"Well kayla little mini me or little mini shakira want be here till a lot longer." he says with a hint of sadness.

Damn he is sexually frustrated, that is funny.
"Ok well I'm going to go plan."

~~~~~~~after she planned~~~~~~~~~
The table is set food done Romatic music is on its cue. Now the only thing I need is for my dumb brother not to mess up.

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