Tamara's POV

I was totally caught off guard when Harry crashed his lips on mine. I lost my balance and fell down, I clinged onto his shoulders and he fell down with me accidentally. I assumed he didn't mind, because he didn't stop with kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck while his hand was resting at my hip.

Seven billion thoughts entered my head in one time and my head was getting one big, terrible mess. I couldn't think straight.

How long ago was it? I mean when Harry kissed me for the last time. 4, 5 months? 6?

The feeling I had been missing appeared in my stomach and spread through the rest of my body.

The kiss deepened and I felt like I was about to explode. I was getting dizzy, but I ignored it.

Harry was getting rougher and rougher and we both started to pant soon. My hands dug into Harry's hair and it felt amazing. I missed his curls tickling my cheeks. I missed his chest rising and falling down rapidly against mine. I missed his fingers squeezing my hips and bottom. I missed his lips on mine.

I missed the sound of his laugh. I missed the dimples that appeared when he did.

I missed his jokes. I missed him telling me stupid facts about the French language and I missed feeling annoyed about it.

I missed our mornings, our evenings, our nights.

Excitement was rushing through my veins and I was getting a bit light headed.

Harry's hands travelled upwards to my chest and he stroked my skin, my collarbones.

Suddenly I heard the door fly open.

"Tamara are you in here?" Jake's voice filled the room. Harry let go of me and I got very cold.

I thanked the heavens that Harry and I fell to the ground behind my bed.

I got up a bit, so just my head and shoulders were revealed. I stood up. Jake had already seen me in underwear and I was totally fine with that.

"oh hey Jake." I greeted him.

"Tamara what are you doing there? What happened to your hair? Why aren't you dressed? Your parents will come home in a quarter. You should be ready."

I thought of an excuse.

"Oh, I went home early. You know why.. I was putting on my dress for tonight, you know, the black one, and I fell." I laughed along with my words to make it believable.

"You sure you're okay?" he asked. I nodded. "Yeah, sure. I didn't fall hard."

"I'm talking about Harry."

I glanced down and saw Harry was looking furiously at me. I looked up again.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm totally fine!" I lied.

I was lying to my best friend. I was the most horrible person on planet earth...

I walked around the bed and towards Jake. "I'll be down in a minute." I closed the door and leaned against it while I buried my face in my hands and sighed.

Harry got up as well. "So what are we now? Fuck buddies? Because you already seem to have a boyfriend."

I tried to ignore him, but failed terribly. "He's not my boyfriend. And you and I are nothing."

"oh please. You aren't going to pretend that never happened, right?" he gestured to my bed.

"Watch me." I said when I gathered my clothes for the night. I put on my black dress and a pair of earrings. I slipped into my black heels and applied some mascara quickly.

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