Explosion, now that is the shit. Happening all over the flat in front of Ian’s. Very much explodes with rubbles strewing out of the goddamn place. You know what else is happening? . Crotch, no really, Alexander dick is exactly in front of his face. Not even inches away, more like millimeter. From his mouth, if you may ask. The awkward, lips planting on someone’s dick position are not exactly ideal for Gregory predicament.

The good news is, Gregory doesn’t upset the man ribs already more than it deserve. Unfortunately. Alexander, the current man which dick he’s face to face with more than he’s comfortable with, throwing his arms around Gregory’s body. Effectively shielding him from the worse of impact. God, the feeling of this man embracing him is unbelievable. Wait, what?.

Now that he snaps out of his trance. Explosion- and crotch induced. Gregory tries to squirm away from the death grip of Alexander on his neck. “Ian, your archenemy here is trying to squish me to death”. Gregory tries to turn his head around; Ian could not be too far away from him. Which is a hard feat considering his words are mumbled by the crotch. Yeah, That Crotch.

“Please don’t turn around-“ The man voice laced with concern as his hands worms it ways to the back of Gregory’s head. “Are you hurt?” . Gregory closes his eyes in exasperation, “Please don’t push my head back and forward”. Gregory could feel more than hear Alexander laugh. “I am sorry for your friend” he said in a hushed tone.

Turning the words in his mind, Gregory squirms as much as he could from Alexander grip. He needs to make sure Ian is all right. A couple feet away, Ian lays on the ground, his head slumps to the left, blood pooling. Gregory could not believe his eyes. He tries to stand but his feet are shaky. The room spins every time he tries to focus his vision.

“Ian, fuck, please don’t do this to me”. Gregory let out a frustrated groan, his feet are shaking and his voice seems to follow to it lead. “We need to get out from this place, Gregory. Could you hear me?.” Gregory shakes his head, he brought a man to his flat just once to fucking save him and this is what he got? . God is one funny git.

Gregory is still kneeling on the ground, trying to reach Ian. His own thoughts are in shambles. Every fiber of his body seems trembling in confusion and anger. Alexander touches his shoulder lightly, forcing him to look up to him. “Gregory, Ian is shot a sec before the building exploded. We really need to get out of here”.  “We could not just left him here, what about his body?. His mum would yell at me if I did not at least give an eulogy at the fucking funeral!”. All of Gregory power is left to him for scrambling up to his feet.

He turns to his heel, desperately wanting to get out from the dust filled room. “I should fucking walk over his fucking body because this flat is too bloody small for me to get out”. Gregory pushes past Alexander and jumping over the couch.

“Fuck you, I am leaving”. Alexander stops him with a grip on his elbow. “If you don’t come with me to the base and report. Your Ian identity will be uncovered and they’re going to send the next explosive right to his mum’s house”.  Hearing this, Gregory harshly groans.

And then he punches Alexander right on his jaw. Fuck him and fuck this.

Alexander takes the punch like a champ. No, really. He only punches Gregory back until he’s spitting blood. That git. Grief pushes people to do crazy things, like for example after being punched by the said person. Gregory follows him blindly when Alexander drags his sorry self out of the flat. That is crazy. Gregory doesn't even take his handkerchief or something to wipe the blood.What even crazier?. Where are the police after a fucking bomb explosion in the fucking city? .

Gregory could do well with authority protecting him over this man.

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