Sad Day for Amaya

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I look at my last victim. 

The smell of his blood penetrated the air. 

I look in his pockets, I pull out a cell phone. 

I press a button, the screen lock pops up. 

I look at the date... 

July birthday... 

My last birthday...was so...happy... 


I was only five...everyone was happy... 

I was soundly asleep, feeling peaceful. 


My mother inched towards me. 

I open my eyes slightly. 


"Happy birthday honey!!" 

I widened my eyes and gasped for air, I had forgotten. 

It was my sixth birthday. 

My father took the day off, just for me. 

"Amaya! Happy birthday!" 

"Thanks daddy!" 

I was so excited, so happy. 

I only had my mother and father...everyone else was dead... 

My mother pulls out a giant cake with my name on it. 

It was in my favorite colors. 

Black and blue. 

I had just turned six. All was well... 

My mother and father sat in front of me and sang the happy birthday song in complete unison. 

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amaya, happy birthday to you!" 

They lit the candle and I blew out the tiny flame. 

I smiled so much. 

Even though...I was bullied by those teachers and students, it didn't matter...I had my mother and father...or at least I thought I did... 


It's my sixteenth birthday...and I'm all alone... 

I bury my head in my knees and blame myself. 

"If it weren't because of me, I wouldn't be alone right now! If I could control my temper, I would have friends by now! IF SOMEONE WOULD CARE FOR ME, I WON'T NEED TO KILL ANYONE!!!" 

I yelled at myself on my birthday. 

I turned from anger to sadness momentarily. 

If I weren't so parents would be alive right now...I would have someone to care... 

I then stop to think about it. 

No...they betrayed me... they back stabbed me! THEY HURT ME! 

I started arguing with the voices in my head again. 

I sat and cried. 

Don't cry...on your birthday...isn't that what mom always said? 

I punch the cold ground below me. 


I cried...I was confused. 

Sweet sixteen? Yeah right...I must admit's better than the days of the asylum... 

I sit on the cold ground, my mind now blank...I finally silenced the voices in my head...for now.

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