Harry postponed our trip until the end of the month...

The day we had to leave with no haste I quickly ran up to the nursery.

"Your Majesty," the ladies in the room greeted me more respectfully.

I gazed at my beautiful little boy. He wore a light blue nightgown. He was wrapped loosely in a white knitted blanket. The governess noticed my admiration for my child.

"Would you like to see your son ?" The governess asked in a hushed, sweet tone.

"Yes, if I may," I ask nervously.

His governess handed me his healthy, weighted body to me. His dark brown hair curled softly around his innocent head. His eyes were even more prominent green than of the faded blue his eyes were when he was born. He wrapped his tiny, chubby fingers around mine as I bounced softly, moving back and forth slowly. His baby eyes brightened and his smile grew as I lifted his hand to place a motherly kiss. He giggled when i smiled at him, he knew exactly who I was.

"My little Harry," I said admiring him.

He giggled at the sound of his name and my possession of him.

I look up to see the ladies bowing, "Your Majesty," they said.

Harry came up behind me and held us. He looked down proudly at his son worming in my arms.

" He is beautiful," he said.

"He is," I response quickly.

"May I hold him ?" He asks.


I hand my precious little trooper nervously to my husband. He held him with such pride. It illuminated off his face. His smile was soothing and my son liked his father's strength by the expression on his face.

"He looks just like you, Harry," I compliment my husband.

He smiles in response but does not look at me.

"My little boy, my prince, my heir," Harry whispered to our child.

He was so happy. So so happy.

Harry moved closer to me with our child and said in a child like tone, " we must be on our way. Say your goodbyes,"

" Goodbye my little boy," I say in a child like tone.

Harry and I look up at one another and laugh. He gazes into my eyes, searching for something. I don't know. I don't care.

He places a kiss on my forehead and then on our child's.

"Goodbye my little boy," he said before he handed little Harry back to his governess.

Harry and I walked out of the nursery and down the marble stairs. We were seen off by our court and my family.

"Good-bye mother, father, sisters !" I waved smiling at them.

Harry smiled and waved at everyone, but he did not say a word.

The trip to France was quiet. Hr kept quite about his infidelity and I obviously kept quiet about mine. I observed the carriage. This carriage is different from the one I had arrived in. This carriage had a white and gold interior, ours was red and purple.

"How are you dealing with the loss ?" He prefered to stare out the window than to face me.

"I am alright," I said while a knob formed in my throat.

I wasn't just hurt by the fact he had the ordassity to bed Katherine but I was hurrified that I held my lifeless child's body in my hands. The whole way to the Palace of Versailles. I started wondering what he would have looked like. I wondered if he would have Louis' blue eyes or dirty blonde hair. If he was to grow tall and strong, what his interest would be, where his morals and values would lie. I just wondered.

Tears quietly made their way down my face. I thought of more things of how he would have been.

My tears and pain did not come from the thoughts but from my aching heart-as if I had lost a part ot me, a part of Louis.

The King had barely any sympathy to give. I knew that my infidelity was wrong, but Louis' was the only type of comfort I found in the Palace. My surroundings were unfamiliar and he made it seem familiar.

"Harry," I placed my hand on his. "I love you," the tears streamed this time.

He looked at me, finally with sympathy.

"I love you too, Elizabeth,"

I shook my head, "please, please, I beg of you not to ever bed another again,"

He lifted my lowly hanged head, "I shall not, all I have ever wanted was your love and approval,"

He leaned in to kiss my plumped lips.

"Just never betray me,"

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