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Damon Salvatore

" Tell me where you are." I said

" Mystic Grill. " Stefan said

" Wait for us there, we are near. What occured to you to bring her out!? " I said

" It was my idea. " Caroline said

" Why bring her out?! " I said

" I made her something that made her pass out for sixteen hours, and then when she woke up, she sounded alive, looked alive, Damon, she even walked around your room! " Stefan said

" So, you decided to take her out to town? " I said

" I suggested it! And she agreed. " Caroline said

" And none of you bothered to tell me about your plans? " I said

" Candace was excited. " Caroline said

" How hard is it to find her in town? " Patrick said

" So hard, we tried okay. We wouldn't ask for you if we can find her. " Stefan said

" Candace cannot walk that far. " I said

" The thing that I made her made her stronger, maybe she ran. " Stefan said

" Run where? " Xavier said

" You tell me! You're her brother. " I said

" Actually, great-great-great-great-something, several times removed. " Xavier said

" Not helping! " I said

" I don't think she would go home, like in Hampton. If she did, we would have noticed her. " Xavier said

" How long is she missing? " I asked

" An hour and fifteen minutes." Stefan said

" An hour!? You're panicking because you lost her for an hour!? We are almost there. " I said

" Did I hear it right, Candace is missing? " Elijah said

" Yes, yes. Watch out for anything that looks like her! " I said

" Pagia, can't you do a locator spell? " Patrick asked

" I can, it's basic. But it's late in the evening and we don't know if she fluctuated already. " she replied

" So? Your blood still runs on her veins! " Patrick said

" Here's the thing, she also has a spell cast upon her. She cannot be found with a locator spell. " she replied

" Seriously, Pagia?! " I said

" I'm afraid, I am. " she said

" Only one thing left to do. " I said

I parked in front of the Grill and Stefan and Caroline were already waiting outside.

" How did you lose her? " I said

" Honestly Damon, we don't know how we lost her. She just simply vanished. " Caroline said

" Pagia, did you cast Candace a spell that would make her vanish in to thin air? " I said

" No, I'm not that crazy. " Pagia replied.

" Then she's around here somewhere. Probably sitting down a park bench or something. " Xavier said

Then silence fell into the group.

" What is Elijah doing here? " Stefan said

" He's the cure. " I said

" Cure to what? " Caroline said

" Cure to Candace. " I said

" Oh my god. " Caroline said

" So, we have the cure but we don't have the person that is supposed to take the cure. How convinient. " Patrick said

" So, you're Candace's father? " Caroline said

" Seems like it. That's what they told me. " Elijah said

" What did Klaus say? " Stefan said

" He has no idea that I am here. " Elijah said

" Okay, can we reserve the interviews for later? Candace needs the cure, and she's out there! " I said

" Okay, Damon! What's the plan? " Xavier said

" We split out. Xavier, you go watch Elijah and Pagia, make sure they don't bicker, Caroline and Stefan partner up, I'll go with Patrick. " I said

" Why would I be the one babysitting people thousands of years older than me? " Xavier said

" Because, you asked me what's the plan! " I said

" Wha-"

" Don't go killing each other. " I said to Elijah and Pagia

" I'll try my best. " Pagia said

" Okay then, Stefan and Caroline head east, Patrick and I will go west, and Xavier and Pagia and Elijah will go to the Grill. " I said

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