Chapter 1

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"Ever feel like you don't belong, not that there's something wrong with you it's just that you feel out of place. Like you grew up in the wrong family or that your friends really aren't your type. Just wrong."

I live in a cliche small town. The type of town where everyone knows you and you know everyone. The type of town where your reputation is the most important thing because rumors spread like wild fire. The kind of town where the entire community shows up to funerals, weddings and birthday party's. The town always looks so happy and inviting with its bright green grass and jacaranda trees every where. The jacaranda trees always scatter their bright purple flowers everywhere carpeting the streets and pavements. Most of the houses look like little brick cottages with chimneys and fresh green lawn in the front yards but mines a little bigger than a cottage . It has a huge garden that is then surrounded by dense bush we have a pool and a huge pond almost the size of a little dam! And the best thing is we aren't even 20 minutes out of town yet it seems like the middle of nowhere (note the sarcasm) . This town may seem like the perfect little town for old couples looking for peace and quiet or for families with young children but for me a teen who is looking for danger and adventure it's not the most ideal place. You see my dads the priest at our local church . Yes the church that the entire town goes too! I therefore am the towns angel, and I hate it. I hate having to go to youth groups with a fake smile plastered on my face and pretend like I'm having a ball just because I'm the priests daughter! I hate having to keep my reputation so clean just for my families sake! I'm always smiling, always sitting with posture and an elasticated smile plastered on my face. But I hate it every single bit! But as the good girl I am ,as the good girl I always have to be ,I never complain. And as if to put the cherry on the cake I have this very angelic look. I have hazel coloured wavy if not curly hair and bright green eyes . I have extremely long eyelashes that used to have my daddy wrapped around my finger. And a slight dusting of freckles across my nose. My skin is a tan bronze colour, and I am very short reaching only about 5foot . I live in Africa in a very small town that nobody probably knows exists . And no I do not ride my elephant or donkey to school if that's what anyone's thinking.

My best friend Esmae and I have been together since we were born . She was born a day after me and our mothers were together in the hospital sadly her mother died in labour and she lives alone with her dad. It doesn't effect her though as she never knew her mom. And her dad is great !! Sometimes I get along better with him than with either of my own parents he's just one of those parents that understands what it's like . If you know what I mean . Esmae is the only one I tell my rebellious thoughts too and even though she doesn't agree totally at least she understands me. That's what I love about her she is so kind and understanding even though her mind is in the gutter most of the time! But there's one thing I don't tell her.

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