The Dream

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Ok so thanks to those who vote you make me feeling like is good ok so italics will be Tris's dream

Me and Tobias are trying to get over my fear and he has been so sweet about it.  I go in the house and see Tobias
"Tris get OVER HER " he slurs, great he's drunk
"What"  instead of answer comes towards me and he is trying to get close to me and fear takes over. He corners and gives me a sloppy kiss, I can feel his hand on my waist trying to take my shirt off , he is hurting my waist he is squeezing it to hard
"Tobias stop"
"Why should I your my girlfriend"
"Your hurting me please" I beg
"Just shut up and let me get what I want"  he says angrily
He gets my shirt off,  while he trys to get my bra off he kisses me. So I use this time to knee him in the balls

I gasp for air than I had thought to myself
"What if he does that to me"
"No he won't"
"How do you know that robins huh"
"He loves you remember"

I guess robin is right. I go back to sleep with one thought would Tobias force me for his own need. I well never know until it happens or not
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~Stay weird

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