People that annoy me #2

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Hey Bitches

Imma just jump right into this chapter again

Okay now this might be a little odd to get annoyed by, but my absolute biggest pet peeve is when people tell me what's going to happen in a movie right before it happens
Lemme explain
Okay so I was watching a movie in class and that's when THE INCIDENT happened, so we're in the middle of the movie when my teacher pauses the movie tO TELL US WHATS ABOUT TO HAPPEN
h-o-l-y_s-h-i-t_was I annoyed

#2 might also be pretty odd
It's when people make fun of my ship..
Okay, when I ship 2 people doNT QUESTION IT. JUST. DONT. DO. IT. OKAY?

May the odds be in your favor

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