Chapter 2

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Whenever I get so bored, and confused about what's going on -I would write letters to my dad in my notebook. It was something that always made me better at the end. I would waste three or four pages talking about my day to my dad,as if he would be here to listen and write back to me days after. I told him about my week  in school; about Katy and Rin. I felt my eyes burning. Dad was normally there with a big bucket of cookie dough ice cream and a action movie to watch. We would talk about any and everything, and yet -yet...

"Jimi...! " I can hear Katy in paddling out of the bathroom. I quickly wiped my tears and turned around to see her wrapped in a towel from hair to knees.  "Do you have any lotion.? " 

I went to my purse and grabbed some citrus lotion and gave it to her. Not once meeting her eyes. 

"No plans tonight...? "

"Dancing. " I needed to dance, just to shake the pain away. Katy nodded while getting dressed.

"Does Rin-san know you dance? "

I shook my head. A good thing he didn't know - I don't think he'd care. 

"So I can tell him you dance..? " She was giving me that devilish grin.  I threw a pencil at her head,she was lucky she dodged it.

"Are you seeing him anyway? " I asked. Hoping that this wasn't some cheesy romantic date.

"He's teaching me how to swim. " She said, in a determined tone. I arched my brow.  Katy knows how to swim;  I'm the one who can't swim worth saving my life.

"But you know how to swim. " I reminded her.  She was slipping on her T-shirt and her yoga pants. 

"When was the last time I swam?  Years ago. People do get rusty sometimes. " She said, before slipping on her shoes. I sighed and kept writing in my notebook. I couldn't help, but talk about Rin-san so much. From his cute smile ,to his red hair, and he smells good every morning. It's hard to stay cold around someone so hot. I wrote about my grades and Dancing.

"Tell Daddy you almost forgot your panda..! " she said.  I shook my head,grinning at her. 

"Fine. Tell him I said 'Hi '...!" She said,before going back into the bathroom. There was a knock on the door. Another knock. I sighed, and opened the door - it was Rin.

"Hey Jimi-chan." He said. I grinned politely, before going back to get my own shoes, and kicking the bathroom door inches away. 

"I'm coming! I'm coming! " She cried out. 

"Matsouka is here!  Hurry up!"  I yelled. Katy opened the door,and looked around the corner to see Rin standing there with his arms crossed. I flipped my notebook closed behind me,and hid it in my desk. Hoping Rin didn't see it,or me. I slipped on my shoes and jacket,and walked out of the room. 

"See ya later,Jimi-chan.. " I froze. Looking over my shoulder at Rin, who was smiling as he waved. My heart was beating again. I didn't really know what to do?  Should I really act so cold around him?  Or should I risk breaking the pact?  I waved back at him, and walked towards the dance studio.

It was a lot bigger than the studios in the states, it made me feel at home. I turned on the music from my phone and started to dance. It was a dance I had been working on for months, and right now I needed all the practice I could get. I turned and dipped,then spun. My hands were in the air as I leapt from one side to another.  Spin. Leap. Spin. Leap.  Turn. Leap twice -Fall. 

I did this for the past few hours. After the last fall,I laid on the ground. Staring at the bright light. Why do I let so much get to me? A boy that probably doesn't give a damn about me.  A friend who's so beautiful,that she can take all my crushes away. She's so perfect.  Why did we even become friends? I feel miserable.

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