Please don't make me.

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Niall's p.o.v

When i opened my eyes again, I was in a car and in someone's lap. I looked up and saw Liam looking down at me worriedly, so i smiled at him. He sighed a sigh of relief.

"He's up now." Liam said. I squirmed around so I was sitting against his chest. I looked around at everyone and noticed silver was the one driving with Phil up there.

"Ok. Time to explain the Rules." Harry said, smiling as he looked at Louis. I nodded and snuggled even more into LiLi.

"Rule Number One, Never leave the house without someone else." Harry said. I nodded. Not like I wanted to do that anyways.

"Rule Number Two, Don't answer the phone unless we tell you to." Zayn grumbled. Louis hit him and then turned to me.

"Or If it's in the middle of the Night, you can answer it. And Rule Number three is to do what we ask and behave. That's it." Louis said, smiling at me. I nodded and hesitantly smiled back. Liam, sensing my nervousness, started petting me, making me purr. The boys went 'Awww' and Phil chuckled.

The car stopped and i could see all of these teenage girls and a few boys outside, jumping up and down excitedly while screaming.

I cringed and buried myself into Liam. He got out these things and put them in my ears. The sounds around me became almost non existent.

"is that better?" Liam asked me, his voice muffled alot. I nodded and he picked me up, carrying me out of the car and to the stadium where they were performing.

"Ok. We need you to stay here while we perform ok? Phil will stay with you, as well as Mrs.Silver." Liam said. I nodded and he handed me over to Phil. They got fitted with these wierd looking things called microphones and left to the stage.

After a few minutes, The doors that we came through opened and I heard muffled squealing, Telling me that these people were Fans, as Phil had explained. I cringed and buried myself into Phil even more, making thier squeals louder.

"Can we pet him?!" I heard someone ask. I cringed and shook my head No and buried into Phil More.

"I'm sorry girls, but Niall doesn't like strangers touching him." Silver said. They all made a disappointed noise and walked closer, based on the sound of their footsteps. I shrinked into Phil even more. Phil moved away from them.

One of them got close and started petting me. I didn't want to, but I purred, and relaxed into her hand. Then when she started rubbing my ears, the earplugs fell out and I froze. All of the noise hit me at once and I flinched, tears running down my cheeks as i tried to get even closer to Phil, clinging onto him with as much strength that I had.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that..." The girl who was petting me said. I felt movement and suddenly I was outside and it was quieter. I relaxed as Phil started petting me.

"Please Don't make me go back in there." I mumbled. Phil sighed and Nodded, sitting down on the grass.

We just sat there until the concert ended. When Liam ran out of the doors, I jumped up and started running towards him, pushing the Screaming fans out of the way and trying my best not to fall.

I finally reached Liam and jumped into his arms, crying my eyes out. He was surprised and made a motion with his hands, the noise quieting down.

He walked to the car and set me in, then got in himself. I wondered what was going through his head.

Liams p.o.v

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