Thoughts From The Ghetto

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I see ya got sum papers today
We could smoke a lil sum on da way
You ever been wit a black gurl or rya gay?
Well I know a few that'll suck for a buck
And do something strange for some change, when ya fuck.

Went over to a former co-workers house to smoke after work
Had his patio furniture in da backyard for us to sit upon, feeling like a jerk
It consisted of an old rusty exercise bike
Even an old wooden dining room chair, I kinda like
And a 5 gallon Home-Depot bucket, purchased by little Mike.

I'm not some violent closet psychopath
I've got a job, ya know
I'm a backyard dentist
I'm an artist of sorts
At least for da mob
The money's good if ya do ya math.

All of a sudden, everybody's actin' like gangs are sum new phenomenon
Almost everyone in America is affiliated with some ancient gang from Babylon
We got the FBI, the ATF, the police departments
Religious groups, Democrats and Republicans and all their nonsense
Everybody's got their own little clique
And they are all out there gangbanging in their own little way, it makes me sick.

For the record, 'bout those so called crimes
I was convicted on two counts of sexual abuse
In the first degree for offensive touching, without consent, no excuse
I've been shot like, five times
By some dudes who were 'bout
You know, trying to rub me out.

But God is great, he's got the knack
He let me come straight back
Been selling crack at the school gate
Since like the fourth or fifth grade
I don't know my fate
But I've already started diggin' my grave with da spade.

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