Weekend w/Kate part 1

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I nearly forgot!it's the start of my first week end.Maybe Kate will be able to come down to visit?I'll Skype her later anyways.Matt now knows where I live,but is that really important?Kate is going to want to meet all my new friends,especially Matt.Maybe if I could get Hayes,Acacia,Andrea,Kian and Sam to hang out when Kate gets here that would be great!Kate knew Jc too and I guess it would be nice for them to see each other again right?I haven't met many girls at Woodbridge high.Only Mahogany & Holly.I guess I have Andrea and Acacia from outside school.So I just play around and chill out then ask my mom "Can Kate stay down for the weekend?"."Sure but as long as it's ok with her mother"Mom says.Yes.This could actually be a good week end.I Skype Kate.."Hey Kate"I say."Hi!"She says."So I was just wondering if you wanted to stay for the week end?"I asked."Oh my gosh did you even have to ask?!Yeah!i'll ask my mom"Kate says."haha ok"I chuckle.
"Mom said yes"Kate screams."omg!yes!"I say."its gonna be a long journey so I'll get packing,see Ya soon!"Kate says."okay"I chuckle.Kate's mom has a lot of free time since her dad's job pays well so kate could basically come whenever.It's the same with my family my mom doesn't work because my dad's job pays well also.A few hours go by and kate finally arrives.

"Y/N! I missed you so much oh my gosh"Kate screams."kate,it's been a week but I've missed you too!"I say.My mom comes out and says"Hi Kate!how are you" "good thanks"Says Kate.My mom goes to talk to Kate's mom and I show Kate to my room."woah such a big house you have"Kate says."I know right!"I say.I help Kate unpack her stuff and she asks me "so your friend Hayes lives next door right?"Kate asks."yeah,wanna meet him later if he isn't at football practice?"I ask."sure!I wanna meet his brother and everyone else you've mentioned"Kate says excitedly."sure thing,Kate.I haven't got Matts number so I don't know weather we will be hanging out with him"I say."oh okay but we can meet Hayes and his brother right?"Kate asks."sure,definitely Hayes and Nash if we catch him early enough"I chuckle."okay all done!"Kate says.Kates mom had already gone by the time we came downstairs."come on,let's meet Hayes."I say.We go next door and knock on the door.Liz answers "oh hi y/n"Liz says sweetly."Hi Liz is Hayes there?"I ask."Sure I'll get him for you now."Liz replies.Hayes comes to the door "hi y/n"Hayes says."hi Hayes this is my best friend Kate"I say."Hi Kate"Hayes says."hii Hayes!"Kate says."so do you wanna hang out?"I ask Hayes."sorry,can't I have a football match tonight.Would you and Kate like to come?"Hayes asks politely."sure,who will be there"I ask."well obviously Cameron because he's the head of my team.My brothers gonna be there,maybe Matt too?"Hayes says."sure we'll get ready,good luck"I say."thanks"Hayes says.

"Woah I get to share my first game with you kate!"I say."yay!lets get ready"Kate screams.We get ready to go,I shout down to my mom "mom,we're getting ready to go to Hayes's football match!" "okay,be careful both"She says.Kate and my parents have a really good friendship,and it's the same with Me and hers.We are basically sisters..We get ready,both apply make up and straighten our hair.I get a text off Mahogany saying 'hi y/n!are you going tonight?if so its at 7:30pm xx' I text her back saying that I'm bringing Kate,she says she can't wait to meet her.Its 7:15pm.We set off to walk to our school,it only takes 5 minutes but I want to meet up with Mahogany and the others."Okay we're going now mom!"I say."okay bye girls!"Mom says."byee"Kate says.Both me and kate are super excited now,we talk until we get there..We finally get to the school stadium stands,obviously we'll see Cameron but I can't seem to find Mahogany.I wonder where she is but then all of the sudden I hear my name being called.It's Mahogany!"hey y/n! Is this Kate?"Mahogany asks excitedly."yup sure is"I say."hi Kate!"Mahogany smiles."hey!"Kate replies."so where's Holly?"I ask."oh she ain't coming,she's going somewhere with her family"Mahogany says."oh ok"I said."I saw Matt earlier,he asked where you was"Mahogany says."oh really?Where is he?do you know?"I ask."sure he's by the stands,wanna go see him"Mahogany asks."sure,come on girls"I say.We walk over from the gates to the stands and I see Matt.He's with his squad but minus Cameron.He looks at me in surprise and calls me over.I motion Kate and Mahogany to come over with me."hey y/n!"Matt says. "Hi Matt"I say."whos your friend"He asks."oh this is Kate,she just came to stay for the weekend"I say. "Oh cool"Matt says.I turn to kate who looked nervous."Don't be shy"Matt says sarcastically".kate rolls her eyes like usual."So are you ready for the match?do you think your lover will win"Matt says sarcastically again."whos your lover y/n?!"Kate finally speaks up."Cam,Come on we all seen him put his hand on your leg at lunch..or is it Hayes huh?"Matt growls.Is someone a little jealous?"yeah whatever"I reply.Matt chuckles to himself.Then all of the sudden Taylor comes running over.."What's upp??"He says loudly."hi Tay"I say.I go to hug him making Matt even more jealous."whos your friend y/n"Taylor says."this is Kate.Kate this is Taylor"I say in an introductive tone."okay well nice seeing Ya,gotta go asec,be back later"Taylor says."sure Tay"I reply.Then he kisses me on the cheek..Wtf Taylor Caniff just kissed me on the cheek?!Matt is so mad I just give him a smirk.Before he storms off he whispers in my ear "we need to talk,meet me at the gates" I just nod my head.

Matt then walks off."woah what was all that about"Kate asks."nothing,I'll explain later"I say.Then all of a sudden someone announces that the game is about to start..We go to sit or rather stand in our seats.There we meet with Aaron and Shawn."hey guys"I say."hey y/n"They both say in unison."this is Kate,my best friend from LA"I say.Everyone greets and then we go to sit down.The game starts and I catch a glimpse of Hayes,he looks around then gives me a warm smile.Then I see Cameron,he doesn't notice me though.I'm kinda glad he didn't.The game goes on and Hayes' team wins by 72 points (sorry not familiar with American football) but you know what that means now..I have to meet Matt."listen Kate,Matt wants me to meet him at the gates so if you want to,go get some food and I'll wait for him okay?"I explain.Kate nods her head.I go off to the gates as everyone starts to leave the stadium,then all of the sudden a hand grabs my wrist.It was obviously Matt."Matt what're you doing?"I say as he pulls me to a dark alley way behind the stadium."listen,I seen you trying to make me jealous"Matt growls."I guess it worked didn't it"I say smartly."yeah,it did why did you let Caniff kiss you?"Matt says in an annoyed tone."I didn't know it was happening"I say.Matts eyes now looked darker than usual,he stands there silent until he kisses me.Do I kiss back?should I?I hesitate but then kiss back.He licks my lips for entrance but I deny it.he then squeezes my butt which makes me gasp and he then gains entrance.I then pull away."I need to go and meet Kate"I say."your good y/n,we'll finish this some other time"Matt says as he slips something in my pocket.Did I really just make out with Matthew Espinosa?I then walk off to find Kate talking to Nash."hey Kate we have to go"I say in a bitter tone."okay,I'm coming"Kate says.

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