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I put on a mini casual  blue dress and light make up on my face. I would meet Haizaki tonight for an interview. I tried to look my best for it. My future depended solely on today's evening interview result. If I got accepted, I would have no need to depend on Akashi anymore.

"This should be fine." I said as I fixed my hair once more just to make sure I looked alright.  I put on my high-heels, and locked the door.  I walked to the pinpointed place which Kotaro senpai said was near the park. He estimated that I should be able to arrive there within 5 minutes.

This evening, the streets were unusually quiet. There were only me and the glimmering dotted streetlamps along with the noise of my heels as they contacted the street. I walked down the street and kept checking the address of the agency building on my hand.

“Natsumi Rika uh?” I saw a silver-haired man standing in front of me. He was as about as tall as Kise. He was wearing suits which a typical model would wear.

“Yes.. Could you be Haizaki-kun, Kotaro senpai’s friend?” I asked but Haizaki didn’t answer me. He stepped closer to me and sniffed me up. It made me uncomfortable, but I tried to stay calm. Perhaps this was a part of the interview, I convinced myself.

“Haizaki has the habit of sniffing other people’s perfume” Kotaro senpai said as he walked towards the two of us.

“She’s pretty. We'll have a feast tonight, Kotaro.” Haizaki invited as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“A feast? I thought we were going to have interview?” I asked in confusion. I started to have some bad feelings.

“Too bad, Rika-chan. You are too naïve.” Kotaro senpai whispered in my ear, then had a handkerchief wrapped around my nose. The handkerchief had a sickeningly sweet odor and my consciousness started to fade after inhaling it.

I struggled all I could, using all the self defense technique I learned in middle school, but Kotaro senpai was still way stronger than I was, so I could not put up a fight.

With my fading consciousness, I predicted the consequence of what might happen soon. At the very least, they would rob me, and at the very worst, they were going to rape me. I believed the latter was the most possible consequence. I had no valuable things with me, so they had nothing to rob, but my virginity. Holy crap. I cursed as I closed my eyes.

"Let go of my dog, peasants." I heard a familiar voice coming from far, exactly when I started feeling hopeless. The voice sounded demanding and I knew whose voice it was.

"Peasants? Who are you to order me? Tch" Haizaki spat on Akashi's shoes.

"Look! The man who cut my jacket is here! I wonder how he will like his skin getting peeled by my knife right now?" Kotaro senpai smirked.

He pushed me away, and I ended up laying on the street, trying to gasp for fresh air to neutralize the sickening odor while Kotaro senpai himself took out a knife from his bag and pointed it at Akashi.

Akashi was standing still, not  even feeling bothered by the knife although Kotaro senpai pointed it at his cheek and slightly cut it.

"Haizaki, Kotaro. You should learn your place" Akashi said as he overtook the knife in a blink of an eye and pointed it back at Kotaro.

"Damn you bastard!" Haizaki ran towards Akashi. His fist was clenched and was ready to punch Akashi.

Akashi caught Haizaki's fist effortlessly and threw him on the street. Then, without any second thought, Akashi stabbed the knife on Haizaki's palm, resulting in Haizaki's screaming in pain.

"I do not allow people who are against me to look down on me."  Akashi declared as he pulled out the knife from Haizaki's palm and pointed its tip only inches from Kotaro senpai's eyes.

Kotaro senpai himself was rendered powerless. He could only kneel in front of Akashi and begged for forgiveness.

"Your last words?" Akashi asked while pulling Kotaro senpai's hair up, ready to kill him in any second.

Upon watching this scary scene, I ran and grabbed Akashi's hand, then drove him away from Kotaro senpai. I knew he was going to kill Kotaro senpai for real if I didn't stop him.

"Y-You are going too far, Akashi!" I stammered while tightening my grip on Akashi's hand.

Seeing this slight chance to escape, Kotaro senpai quickly helped Haizaki to stand up and together they ran as far as they could from Akashi, leaving only Akashi and me on the street.

"I told you he is a bad guy." Akashi turned around and faced me. He then threw the bloody knife into the dustbin. I noticed that his white shirt was covered in blood and he looked just like a real killer in real life.

"I-I know!" I stuttered while tugging his sleeve. Akashi stood in silence, somehow amused of looking at my hopeless face.

"I'm sorry." I apologized, then buried my face unto Akashi's chest.

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