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Your P.O.V
You stood there waiting for stein to strike at you cuz the way you were taught to fight you all ways let the enemy strike first to see how they fought then you said "your call" which ment he goes first he nodded his head then he ran at you with his hand looking like it was covered in electricity but before his strikes you jumped over him and landed facing his direction with your wings spread "sorry you'll have to try harder" you say with a little giggle the he gets out of his chair and pushed it away 'oh crap' you thought 'this can't be good' just then you decided it was your turn so you held anchor with both hands while you crouched down low to the ground and being in your wolf from and on your back legs that wasn't to hard then you ran to him acting like you were going to swing at him near his head but in stead you quickly swung your anchor at his legs in turn knocking him down on his back but he quickly got up and charged me again with his hand getting ready to strike and caught you off guard and got me in the back you could feel his souls wavelength run through your veins and I was thrown a couple feet You got up rather quickly and out of anger You threw your anchor at him and amazingly he caught her and held her with both hands.
Anchors P.O.V
'oh crap' I thought as I could feel him gripping the staff i was surprised that our wavelengths were in tune and I didn't like that so I had to do the one thing I knew make my soul wavelength unstable so he couldn't hold me anymore so I started to breathe heavily and closed my eyes tightly and I could feel my heart beat fast and my souls wavelength going crazy
Your P.O.V
You knew what anchor was doing you could practically see steins confusion but it was quickly replaced with a face that screamed realization "I see what your doing now....your purposely making your wavelength chaotic and out of control so I won't be able to hold you" stein said with a dull voice
Lord Deaths P.O.V
"A creature can really accomplish that?" I heard kid say as he walked next to "Yup! You see kid a winged wolf has complete control over their own wavelength to the extent of being able to match it to another's or to make it unstable were not even there partner can match with them" I say while observing twilight and anchor "amazing" I heard kiddo say under his breath
Your P.O.V
You heard Lord Death talking to someone so You look out the corner of your eye to see a kid with a black and white suit and 3 white stripes rap half way around his hair but you can worry about him right now, right now you were in the middle of a fight you run as fast as you can up to stein and kicked your weapon out of his hands and grabbed her and swung her at his head but dodged and backed away but gear was behind him and swung at his head but before she could he tripped her and soul forced you away then picked up gear by the fur on her neck and brought her to her feet in front of him with her back to him and you heard him whisper something to her "I've never dissected a winged wolf before I guess there's a first time for everything" then he pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a marker "where should I begin my research" he said while marking her fur with black marker, that pissed you off you got up quickly and ran at him "LET HER GO NOW!!!!!" You screamed running on all fours "unlikely" muttered "YOU THINK YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO PHYSICAL DAMAGE WITH OUT A WEAPON!!" You scream as you push him to the ground on his stomach and throw your legs in the air doing a hand or paw stand and screamed "WOLF SYMPATHY" then your eyes turn white and so does your fur as you blast stein with almost all your power then with a flash it ended you did a front flip off his back and landed next to gear and help her up "are you ok?" You ask "yeah" she said weakly "k lean on me if you need to" you say as you walk up to Lord Death you and gear could practically see the shock through his mask not to mention the boy that was standing next to him "oh my my, that was amazing (Y/N)! I've never seen any of my students use their wavelengths as you did and with such power and control!" He said excitedly clapping his giant white hands together "it's nothing really..." you say looking slightly to the ground looking between the ground and him "ohh I would say otherwise..." he continued but you changed in to your human form except with wolf ears,tail, and wings "...now I would like to make you and your little friends an offer... if you join my school and fight for us I will gladly enroll all of your friends along with you not to mention provide home for them" he finished you were shocked by his offer you had a kingdom to run and a lot of winged wolves to look after "I would love to but I'm here on vacation not for long term agreements-" he cut me off "I know I looked into that and I decided to move your kingdom and all your wolves here and don't worry about how, I'll manage it" he finished, you thought about it and as long as he got them all here safe and sound then you guess it would be ok "ummmmm... alright Lord Death ill except your offer just as long as you get them here with out a scratch" you say "ohhhh...i promise!!" He said holding up a giant white piece sign, you nodded it then felt kinda weird like someone was looking at your soul intensely you look over to the boy with out moving your head and he was staring at you with his golden orbs for the longest time...observing.....looking......for something unseen to you "oh yes I almost forgot this it my son Death the Kid but his friends call him kid and me he's my kiddo" Lord Death says rubbing kids head "father please not in front of others" kid says blushing of embarrassment You giggled a little and that caught kids attention he stared at you for a little bit before he walked up to you and grabbed your wolf ears by the base with his hands and got a few centimeters away from your face and he stares you dead in the eye and you do the same to him he then runs his hand to the tip of your ears then let's go then he stands back admiring you with his finger and thumb on his chin smiling "your perfectly symmetrical" he said, you looked confused the two girls walked next to him "he has a serious OCD" the taller one said while the shorter one laughed hysterically "I'm Liz by the way and this is my sister Patty" Liz said "ok any way (Y/N) I hope to see you here tomorrow for class just come here and I'll tell you where you need to go" Lord Death said you nodded as your weapons turned back into humans "ok guys lets go" you say "bye Lord Death....kid...." you say with a little wave and smile 'why was he staring at me?' You ask yourself "hey (Y/N)?" Gear said "what" you respond "did you happen to notice that Death the Kid was staring at you? She asks ,you blush a little "yes I did notice but I wouldn't worry about it he was probably looking at my soul to if I was a good person" you say in a matter-of-fact tone "just your soul you'd think he'd look at all our souls of that was the case" she said, damn she was right it was either that or he was staring at you because he wanted you in other words he liked you but why would anyone want a relationship with a monster winged wolf like you? But you didn't worry about it right now you wanted to go to your apartment you rented in death city
~~~~time skip brought to you by kids skateboard~~~
When you walked through the door all you go to your rooms and went to bed instantly after a fight like that but you have to get up in the Morning for your first day at school and boy was it going to be fun (note the sarcasm)

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