Im a Fake

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It was the next day and there was a dance. I got on the red trained dress and red eyeshadow, pink lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and red blush. I also got on red pumps.

Auggie stared at me. "What?" I asked. "Your Riley, Right?" He asked. I laughed. "Yea I am" he smiled. I grabbed a granola bar and met Maya at the bottom of the building and we walked to school together.

I walked straight to the party. Maya looked nice in a blue dress she wore to the Buggie Awards with Farkle. I went too. I danced.

"Hey, Farkle!" I said, walking over to Farkle. He looked sad. "Oh, hey!" He said. His face light up.

Then Missy walked in in a short pink dress with a spiked belt and ugly pink pumps. She was texting. Flashing her vicious eyes at me, she smirked. "What? Like it?" I asked. "Y'know Hunny, your clothes are about as ugly as your face. You'll never be cool." I ran and heard Farkle yell "hey!" And footsteps after me. I ran faster.

When I finally got to my house, my mom frowned. "What's wrong." I replied by saying "not much" "who tangled in the wrong tree." I laughed "tangled in the wrong tree. What? Missy Bradford" I said quickly. I ran and threw all my new clothes out the window.

"What a stressful day." I said, flopping onto my bed. I went in my bathroom and changed into PJs. I layed in my bed, exhausted.

"What a day" I murmured and fell asleep.

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