Where it all began...

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  I was once a simple ordinary young man, with a beautiful loving wife and a daughter my life was perfect until they came and began to threaten mankind. I seem to be the only one who sees them, why am I the only one? Now I know why...I must protect my family and mankind from these shadows. Must do this on my own being the only one to seetruly see the truth now. I told my wife about these shadows, she doesn't believe tells me I'm speaking nonsense. This angered me so we argued, then my sweet daughter curled up into a ball in fear covering her ears whimpering rocking herself mumbling words that I didn't comprehend.

  "STOP SPEAKING YOUR MADNESS!" my wife yells " YOUR WORRYING ME..." she looks at our daughter and comforts her in arms and her eyes shoots daggers at me "...just stop." she walks away with our child in anger and fear. She claims that I was mad that I was  drunk, but I'm not! 

  One night the shadows surrounded my daughters bed I stood in shock for a while and I decided I had to act in order to protect my daughter. I went to grab something I can use as a weapon against these evil beens. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I swung the object in my hand then another shadow stands on the door way behind me shrieking and I swung and beat at it till sirens came from a distance. Police Officer came charging in my home restraining me reciting my rights and shoved me to the back of the police car. 'Why?! Why?! W-Why....?! are they doing this those weren't my family. Why are you arresting me you got it all wrong!' my thoughts go wildly like a wild fire how can they not see that?

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