(Title : the wedding 💍)

( Victoria's POV) ✨

I Felt kris's hand on my mouth and then he pulled me back to the bed " umnbsgdbggeb" was all I could say then suddenly he stood up from the bed when i looked at him he had toned abs and a messy bed hair if you know what i mean heheheh okay back to were i was i looked at him while he went to the bathroom and took a shower then he came out " aren't you gonna shower " he said then it hit me today is OUR wedding uhhh then I quickly went to the bathroom and took a shower when i came out " kris I'm gonna go by myself " i yelled from upstairs " okay " was all he said then i called my brother luhan

L: hey! Victoria

V: hi luhan can you pick me up in about 20 minutes

L: why didn't you go with kris??

V: becuz i was late and i needed more time so i told him to go.

L: oh! Okay take care bey.

V: you too bey!

OMG thats my brother luhan he is the best i just adore him he's so caring and he's such a gentlemen the opposite of kris in short after i wore my clothes i went downstairs and waited for luhan .


Oh that must be luhan then i went out and entered the car " hey sis " he said while smiling widely at me " I'm fine " I smiled nervously at him " what's wrong are you nervous " he asked me while driving " N no well actually yes i never thought that I would get married like this hhh" i said then sighed heavily " don't worry sis you're gonna be happy and if kris does anything bad to you except well u know the 'S' word come to me ok " he said while chuckling " YAH hhh don't worry i will " i said then giggled " okay we're here " he

said as I unlocked the door and stepped out of the car i gulped as i saw the alter it looks so beautiful hmmm " hey! Tori ohh h hey luhan " said amber when she saw luhan she shuttered " i think someone is soon to get married after me hhhh " I whispered in her ear then she slightly nudged me " c come on tori lets get you dressed " she said while pulling me to the room " bey bey luhan " I waved at luhan and he just smiled and waved back then Amber made me sit and did my hair and makeup then when i finished i went to the closet to get the dress and when i took it out it was elegant and graceful it was a white dress that fitted from the top with crystals and then flowed from the stomach to my toes ( A/N: the picture is in the box above.💍) i wore it " the

ceremony is about to start " said the wedding planner then Amber hugged me and smiled warmly at me " you are my best friend and my soon to be brothers wife heheh " i said and giggled then she glared at me then i was stand ing in front of the big door that will open a new chapter in my life the chapter of being a wife " dad can luhan guide me pls " i said while holding my dads hands " okay honey, luhan you are going to guide your sisters okay " said my father " okay dad " said luhan then he hooked his arms with mine then the door opened and at the end of the alter stood a tall flawless handsome & hot guy he was wearing a cream white tuxedo with a black tie with his blonde hair on the side. ( A/N: the picture is in the box above 💎.) this guy is only minutes away from being my husband this guy is KRIS WU, and while I was walking i was hearing ( k.will's : the only person ( in the box above ).) in the background i felt tears in my eyes when we reached i stood and and faced kris, then me and kris faced the priest and he started by " do you wu yifan take Victoria song to be your wedded and beloved

wife in sickness or in health in happiness or in sadness in love and in war till death a parts you " said the priest " i do " said kris while looking at me " do you Victoria song take wu yifan to be your wedded and beloved husband in sickness and in health in happiness or in sadness in love or in war till death a parts you " said the priest i was dazed by Kris's eyes it was like he was controlling me that i even forgot about the priest then Kris's nudged me " i..i..i..do " i said shuttering " now I pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride " said the priest did i hear him right ' YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE ' then kris leaned forward and I closed my eyes tightly then he kissed my cheeks my cheeck flushed red then me and kris went back to OUR house and when i was about to open the zipper it didn't open so i had ti call kris " KRIS " i called him " what " he said coldly huh as always " c c can you open the zipper " i said nervously "turn" was all he said then i turned and I could feel his fingers tracing a line on my back while opening the zipper "here " he said the n went out then i changed my clothes and went to bed then i felt kris getting on the bed i was still upset about his kiss with jessica uhh how much i hate this bitch then I slowly drifted into deep sleep.


I was awake when i felt a hand around my waist when i opened my eyes i turned around and i saw kris kris was was ....., (TBC)

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