Christmas Break Part;2

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Mack's P.O.V
"Now what should we do?" Jo asked worried that we won't be able to go to the Christmas party later tonight. "Don't worry! Sandy is going to get fixed! We can just call someone!" "Like who Mack!!?" I thought for awhile. I honestly don't know who to call! But.... him. "Only person who knows how to fix this." I said to Jo nervelessly. The only person who can fix this is my next door neighbor named Alex. No, not Alex from Target(I wish) but Alex the friend that my best friend douse not like! Jo HATES Alex, and I honestly don't know why. "No!! Please don't call him!!" Jo begged as I picked up my phone to dial his number. "I'm have to! You want to go to that party don't you??" She huffed
Jo's P.O.V
I can't believe Mack is doing this to me! Last time I say this Alex kid, we almost ran into a deer. Mackenzie wanted me to come with them to a movie and the dummy got lost and we ended up in the woods!! We were just riding and a deer was in the middle of the road. Next thing I know there's a big jerk from the car and a deer right in front of the it. We called animal control because the deer won't move out of our way! We sat in the car for 2 hours and when the people came the deer just ran away! They didn't do anything!!! By the time we got the the movie theater it was 11:00 and we missed the movie. Mack and I were STARVING and the only thing that was open this late was the diner across the street. I had to pay the bill at the end of the night.And I'm not even going to tell story of when we almost got arrested. "Fine. Anything to get me out of this stupid parking lot." I said annoyed. after 10 minutes Alex came with a battery box thingy. And once Mack tried to start the car again, it thankfully worked! It was 4:45 and the party started at 5:15. "Omg! Mack we need to go, it's already 4:45!" I said to Mack not wanting to be late the party. This our first party of 10th grade and I don't really want to be late. And plus, all the drama starts in the beginning! "What's the rush?" Alex said getting on my nerves. "Oh, Jo and I are going to a Christmas party, a-" "And we're going to be late if we don't go now!!" I said cutting Mackenzie off before she tries to invite Alex. "Exactly, so thanks again!" Mack said as we enter the car. Alex waves to us and gives Mack a huge smile. And right then and there, I realized that Alex, the person that I absolutely hate, is in love with my best friend, Mackenzie Smith.
~At the Party~
We get to the party just in time for the drama!! "Hey I'm going to see what's going on so I can tweet at about it later!" I tell Mack as she nods her head. "Be safe, and don't start anything." Mack said, I laugh and walk over to see the fight between Olivia Sanders and Tiffany Fords.
Mack's P.O.V
As Jo walks to the living room, I go to the kitchen and see Michael and some of his friends. I talk to them for a while and when Jo comes back she has the maddest face of all. "What happened?" I said laughing. "It was a total rip off! First of all, they didn't even fight! They just stood there yelling at each other! And at the end of the 'fight' they just told each other that they were sorry!!" Jo yelled. She looks like she's about to start the real fight! "Calm down, there will be plenty more." I said trying to calm her down. And I was right. Olivia and Tiffany had another fight(and it was real this time!) and 2 9th grade boys tried to have a fist fight with me and Jo but I handled it responsibility and told them to go back home to there mommys before they end up in a coma. But other than that me and Jo had fun! I won 50 bucks and a stuffed panda bear from a bet. Jo won 60 bucks and a toothpick. Fun times.
I have no school today!! And it's my moms birthday! I think she planned this. But hope you liked it and hope you guys have a nice day/day off!

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