The Beginning

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Have u ever felt like you don't belong in your group of friends? Do they only include you because of the friend you're coincidentally standing next too? Why do you care so much even though you know they don't give a damn about you? I honestly don't know. They pull you along in their group affairs because the girl they actual and only want is standing next to you and they feel bad about leaving you alone. You technically belong in their circle of friends, they don't notice when you aren't there. They dont want to sit next to you in class because they want to sit with the rest. They think you're annoying and they tell you straight in your face, thinking you won't be hurt at all because you're just a kid and immature. You hurt on the inside but what hurts more is when you put on a smile and laugh. You even attempt to say you want to sit with them? They ignore you and just tell another person they want to sit with them. You end up back in your original seat with an unwilling party beside you. They try to talk to you but you can see it in their eyes that they rather be seated anywhere else than next to the annoying little kid. When the group sits horizontally, they turn inwards, leaving you in the corner, trying to be included in their conversation. Its a little hard since the person sitting next to you has their back totally facing you. You have to lean over so much your back hurts and you are about to fall off the chair. Then you simply give up, sink back into the chair and look at the back of the person s head. They take selfies and send it to the group chat. You are no where to be seen. Oh wait, theres your head that accidentally made it in. You ruined the photogenic photograph.

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