Chapter 1

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It all started with my friends. Me and Gerry were at River's house and we were playing Truth or dare. What a dangerous game. I couldn't do anything about it because I was out voted. So we were playing and then it was River's turn. He dared me to step outside for thirty seconds and come back in.

I thought that was the worst and most horrible dare of all time in the history of truth and dare. (by the way it was night time. We were having a sleepover.)

Well,I had no choice but to accept. I had nothing but a stick in my inventory. I reluctantly opened the front door and stepped out. The door slammed behind me. I took the stick out, if that would do me any good. I could hear Gerry and River counting down the seconds in the saftey  of the house. I noticed how slow they were.

I stared into the darkness. After about ten seconds I realized, i'm going to be okay. Twenty seconds. Oh, crap. I'm starting to get creeped out.

I heard an enderman honk its bagpipes. Oh, crap. I basically lost my mind from there. I started running. By that I mean run like your hair's on fire. I waved my stick around, like it's gonna do any good.

I eventually found  my way home but it was a long run. Especially when you think there's an enderman throwing blocks of dirt at you and teleporting all over the place behind you.

I run right into that door, because I forgot how to open doors, but that doesn't matter because I made short work of that cheap door.

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