The plain hold on the airport and Violetta, her Dad and Paggy sit in a Taxi and drive at home.

Jade run out of the house...

Jade: German! Sweatheart I missed you so!

She run to him and gave a kiss.

German: I missed you too, Jade.

He smiled. Violetta takes her bag and go in the house.

Olga: Vilu! My honey! You are back and you are so big and beautiful.m

She gave her a big hug.

Violetta: Olgita, I missed you too and thank you!

Ramaillo: Violetta! Hello welcome home!

German come in with Jade.

Violetta: Thank you Ramaillo!

Jade hug Violetta

Jade: Honey I missed you so much! We go together to a SPA day and make our nails and go to make our hair and...

German: Jade... please stop. Violetta will relax..

Jade look sad. Violetta go up in her room and she put her clothes in the cuppord and sit down on her bed.

German come in and stand in the door.

German: Sweatheart, is everything fine?

Violetta: Yes, of course! I only.. want to go a little bit, can I?

German: Yes sure. But please not too long. You must go asleep, it is late.

Violetta go out and walk a little bit. It starts to rain and she runs under a tree.

She waited a long time and it go to be dark. The rain go and go. She thought that it is okay and Start to go... She slip up and fall down but in the last secound... some one fang her.

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