Tomorrow ~Part 3~

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Tomorrow is the day I waited for my whole life, the 5SOS concert that I always wanted to go to. But I don't think I will go. I want to go so badly but I don't want to be Kyle's victim again.

"Maria, where are you? I got some new bandages for you! Come downstairs!" I smile at the fact she cares so much.

So I walk downstairs, and instead of bandages, she shows me two tickets to see 5SOS. My face instantly falls.

"Oh... I thought you really want to see the boys?" She asks, looking confused.

"I do but... Kyle, you know..." I say, looking to the floor so she wouldn't notice that I am about to start crying. But it's too late, she already did.

"You can't hide forever, Maria! Who the fuck cares about what Kyle says?! He's just a selfish and stupid idiot who doesn't know what he's missing on by being rude to you! He's so gonna hear from me!" She yells and I see Kyle walking in the room.

"What are you two talking about?" He asks, looking straight at me.

"N-nothing." I stutter, still crying.

"You know what? Get out of my house and better don't be back! Who do you think you are to yell at her?! You selfish little son of a bitch!" He looked confused for a moment but then obeyed and left. I didn't know someone could have an effect on him... Well I guess it's because I never tried...

"Now, you'll go and have fun. But first you're going to stop crying and then I'll tell you something else for tomorrow." She calmly says. I didn't know what to say or how to respond so I just hugged her and she ended up calming me down. I cried on her shoulder for like five minutes and then I released from the hug and asked what did she want to tell me. She just smiled and gave me the cards. I took a closer look at them... WTF?!?! V.I.P cards to meet the boys?! She didn't have to waste so much money on it just to make me feel better!

"Oh yes, I did. You were always in your room, hiding from that idiot and wasting your life! I had to get you outta there!" She says, looking at me. I hugged her tightly, muttering a quiet "Thanks".

"Maria, I can't breathe." She says, starting to laugh at me for being excited. I pull away and start laughing with her.

"So... Shall we start looking for clothes for tomorrow?" She asks and I nod.

"Okay... Let's find something for you to wear first and then for me?" I say, really smiling for the first time that month.

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