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Pen Your Pride

Age is just a number...

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Niall was sat on ths sofa, he was baby sitting Harry.

Harrys curls laid againt his forehead as he sat next to Niall.

Harry was only 8 he didnt know what he was feeling.

Harry kept looking at Niall.

It made butterflys appear in his stomache and he felt a pain in his private parts.

Niall was 15 he understood most things about sex.

He liked Harry.

But he would never make a move. He knew it was wrong... he knew what Harrys age was and he knew that he couldn't do those things to Harry.

"Niall?" Harry spoke up peaking at Niall through his curls.

"Yeah." Niall replied, curiosity etched in his words.

"I feel funny..." Harry responded clutching his lower abdomen.

"Where abouts little man?" Niall responded worried for the younger lad.

"Here..." Harry mumbled pointing to his cruch.

Nialls eyes widened as he looks down at Harrys cruch and sees the slight tent in his pants.

"Niall! Help... i don't like it." Harry shouted pleading Niall with his eyes.

What Harry didnt know was that Niall wanted to so much. But he didnt want to take advatage of him.

"I cant Harry" Niall replied shaking his head.

Harry moved closer to Niall and placed his tiny hand on Nialls cruch. Niall gasped and a small moan left his lips as Harry said " Niall please, this part hurts."

Niall moved Harrys hand and said "show me"

He knew it was wrong to say that, but he couldnt help it.

Harry pulled his trousers off and his boxers innocently and sat back down next to Niall.

"See!" Harry exclamied pushing on his dick. "It wont go down"

Niall groaned at Harrys teasing

"Please help" Harry pleaded and this was enough to tip Niall over the edge

"Come here" Niall spoke, beconing him over.

Harry sat on Nialls lap. Nialls cock hardened even further.

"I will get rid of it for you okay?" Niall asked well more like stated

In response Harry nodded his little head up and down. This boy was too innocent for his own good.

Niall reached down and palmed Harrys dick... Harry gasped and closed his eyes.

Niall took Harry into his hand and started to slowly move his hand up and down...

Harry started to squirm in Nialls lap and said "Niall stop feels weird" at this point, Niall sped his hand up and Harry once again closed his eyes and moaned as his realise finally came...

Harry had came all over Nialls hand and Niall couldnt help but bring his hand p to his face and taste Harrys sweet juices.

Harry watched and soon his penis erected again.

"Niall? Its pointing upwards again.." Harry said a pout upon his face.

"Did you like that Harry?" Niall asked

"Yeah... it felt good" Harry replied

This was enough for Niall to get on his knees in front of Harry and placed him into his mouth.

Harry grasped Nialls hair as Niall bobbed his head up and down. Niall groaned causing a vibration to go through Harrys body. Harry let out a long moan and Niall hallowed his mouth to give Harry even more pleasure.

Niall felt Harry tense up and began to suck harder and faster until Harry moaned Nialls name.

"Thank you Niall." Harry said as he fell asleep on the couch.

"Anytime love anytime." Niall replied as he carried Harry to his bed and kissed him lightly on the lips.

He wandered out of his room to the shower...

He had something to sort out...


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