Chance pov
"Wake up mommy" kay told Symone

"I'm up baby I'm up"

"Good you have to get ready for visiting hours"

"Ugh ok" she said getting up. I got up and grab kay to go downstairs and let Symone get ready

"Oo daddy what we cooking"

"What do you want to eat"


"No food kay" she put her hands on her hip and her index finger on her chin then she started to tap her foot.
I waited for about two minutes and she still didn't respond "kay" I said



"Oh yea umm breakfast tacos"

"Ok your going help" she nodded her head. we started preparing the food while laughing and joking bout time the food was done Symone came down stairs

"Chance I thought you was going dress her"

"No I came to cook breakfast so let's eat"

"Amen dad" kay said

"Mommy where we going"

"See your father"

"Oh" Kay said looking down

I really don't want them to go I don't want to go but I can't say that because it wouldn't be right. once we got thru eatting Symone took kay to get dress and I got dress myself. I made sure I was on point so this nigga know his kid in good hands. I finish get ready and seen Symone and kay on the couch watching tv from upstairs so I walked down the steps

"Yall ready" I ask

"Yes we are" Symone answer. we walk outside and I open the door for both girls. "are you sure you want to go" Symone ask me

"Yes I'm standing by your side" i said then pulled off

Symone Pov
Arriving at the jail cell I grab kay out the car and Chance took her out my arms

"I got her just come on" he said I walked in first and they scanned everyone then they took us to this other room where you seen other families members. We sat outside waiting for him for about 20 mins then finally he came out..

"My baby" he said walking towards kay and surprisingly kay ran to him

"I miss you dad"

"I miss you more" he said

"Dad meet my other dad mommy said I'm lucky I have two dads that watching me

"Oh really" he said sounding pissed off

"Hey drew"

"Hi Symone... who your friend"

"My name chance" he said standing up to greet his hand nd surprisingly drew shook it

"So you taken care of my daughter" drew ask

"Yea I am but no disrespect but wen we have Symone phone I do remind her you her real dad I'm not trying take your child away from you"

"Good but appreciate it I see yAll "on tv I'm just glad she not with that pussy Jacoby "drew said

"Hell he a female dog" chance comment

"I'm glad yall getting along"

"Symone I know what I did was wrong so I'll accept this ass a men your dude ain't no bitch made nigga that raising my daughter so I approve" Drew said and kay crawled in my lap
"Ooo daddy my other dad said wen you come home we going take family pictures like mommy and him and me"

"That sound fun"drew said

"Look chance i reall appreciate you telling kay about me instead of her just knowing you like jacoby was doing" Drew said

"No problem" couple hour past we just talked nd laugh nd here kay just talk it really made my day

"Time up drew" the guard said we hugged and off we went

"Your baby daddy cool" chance said

"I know but I'm hungry"

"What you want"


"Ok bet get in"

Driving back to town we stop at best seafood. thank god it wasn't a crowd we came in and got seated right away

"Mommy I got to go pee" kay said

So I got up and took her wen I came back it was a girl seated in my seat with chance I creep up to the table and kay jumped in chance Lap

"Who Is this" i ask nice

"This is my ex shay"

"So why she seating in my seat" I ask annoyed

"I don't know baby I'm wondering the same"

"Well shay it's time for you to go we having family time not hoe time"

"Hoe excuse really chance you going let her talk to me like that"

"Yea jus don't disrespect her I'm good"

"F u" shay said

"Naw u f my homeboys that enough

Then all of suddenly glass shatter...

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