part 3* stupud gets what stupid wants

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I, am insane.

No literally, I think I've gone mental.

This plan is absolutely stupid and I can't change it. I'm heading down the road to my house right now and I'm not even thinking of going back.

Because you never wanted to leave.

See my mind is talking to me. Doesn't that mean I'm insane, and that I can go and admit myself and completely avoid the plan. I mean, it's the reasonable thing to do in times like these.

Your only going back to make him, jealous.

Whatever, anyways, before I came. I went shopping for new everything, I even got my hair did. (A/N. I know it's supposed to say did, its a joke) I didn't get it coloured or anything. Just made it more fabulous. As I'm pulling into the drive, I see Charlie's car in my place. This shall be interesting.



Okay so this is dedicated to Chhristian_Faith_2 because I wouldn't have updated (because I forgot)  with out her so thanks!! Byeeeeee

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