Chapter 32: Avoid Suoh Tamaki

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Haruhi's P.O.V.


I rubbed my hands together to make friction. It's so cold!


I held the hood of my jacket and wore it before I got out of Kaoru's limousine. Kaoru looks so pitiful, he really is worried for his brother Hikaru. "Are you sure you can go home by yourself??" He asked.

I nodded and smiled at him. "Thanks, Kaoru. I hope Hikaru gets well soon. Goodnight."


"Goodnight." He answered before he closed the window.


"Just a few more steps from here to your home, Haruhi." I whispered, and started walking.



"Oto-san, I'm home---" I paused for a while.

"Oto-san, you know. Hikaru was shot by a gun just this evening. That's why the party was canceled. *sigh* How disappointing, to think how much I paid for this dress myself-----" "What? You came to Suoh-kun's party?" I almost jumped to the fpoor when Father yelled. "Y-yes...why?"


He ran from the kitchen to the living room, and held my shoulders. "Haruhi! How many times do I have to tell you to avoid anything involving Tamaki?!?"


"W-what's wrong?" I shivered, then without a second, tears suddenly fell from my cheeks, staining my dress.


He just shook his head and hugged me. I buried my face in his shoulders. "Oto-san..?"

*sigh* How fast... it's already midnight.



The cellphone Tamaki gave me. It's ringing. Who might it be??

"Hello?" I said.

[Fujioka Haruhi-san. Finally I heard your voice once again.]


My hands shakes as I resembled this voice.


.... Aiko Suzumiya?

»»»»fast forward»»»»
***Ouran High School***

Tamaki's P.O.V.





"How handsome!"

I smiled as I heard the girls' compliments and.. good morning greetings, I guess. "Woah, Haruhi!!!"


Haruhi showed a face full of surprise when she turned her head to me. "T-tamaki-----"


"Ohohoho~ so, good morning, Tama-kun~!" I tried to escape, but Zhakiya quickly hugged me, strong enough to push me down to the floor. I thought I told her my feelings already?!? =____=

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