Night 4 Begin


“Illise Kurenai” The teacher called.


“Present!” Illise said, raising her hand.


“Riley Stern”


No answer. “Riley Stern?” The teacher then proceeded to mark him absent. “I guess he’s not here today. Odd.”


Illise furrowed her brows in confusion. ‘He must be sick, or something.’ She texted Riley occasionally throughout the day to ask what happened, but he never answered. Before she knew it, the final bell rang and she left class among the flood of students in the hall. She checked her phone again and pouted. "No reply..."She muttered. Illise headed for the abandoned pizzeria without her friend.


She walked to Pirate's Cove first and turned on Foxy. "Good afternoon!" Illise exclaimed happily.


Foxy smiled back, but then frowned. "Where's Riley?"


“I’m not sure,” Illise replied, “I haven’t seen him all day.”


“You think he’s ok?” Foxy asked with obvious worry.


“I’m sure he’s ok,” Illise said, reassuring Foxy, “he probably was just sick and forgot to charge his phone.” Illise left Pirate’s Cove and stepped onto the stage, powering on Freddy, Bonnie and Chica.


“Hey,” Chica said, “where’s Riley at?” Illise filled the three in on what had happened that day.


“You don’t think it could be Goldie, do you?” Bonnie asked.


“We’d better check to be sure.” Freddy said, moving to the ball pit. After he entered he gasped. “Guys, you might want to see this.”


Everyone walked into the ball pit room and looked into the cage. Inside of the cage was Riley with an empty Golden Freddy head on. “Riley no!” Illise screamed, hiding behind Freddy.


Riley shot up from the laying position he was in before. “Riley, you’re alright!” Foxy said moving to the cage. Riley was silent as the others stood behind him outside of the ball pit. “Riley?” Foxy asked him.


Riley turned around and faced the five on the outside. Though the Golden Freddy suit head didn’t have any parts in the head anymore and Riley was more than alive, it wasn’t Riley. The eyes of the head were the same as they always were, black with small yellow pupils. “Goldie has possessed Riley!” Bonnie stated.


Riley jumped out of his cage and started attacking the animatronics.The real Goldie came out from the shadows and laughed. “He’s my friend now~!” He said with glee.

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